Sunday 31 May 2009

Fly Screen

We had a bit of a problem with flies. What with my food bowl being out and those stinking dogs and all...

So TJam decided that we needed a screen of some description. They don't make those cool screen doors like they have in the States here, so we had to go with one from the Betterware catalogue. It was only a tenner, so it's not all bad.

However. TJam did not consult with me before installation. As you know, cats do not do change. Here is my first attempt at crossing the screen:

I did a little better on my second attempt.

I'll keep practising...

Hobble hobble

My day started off uneventfully. A spot of breakfast. A nice little walk. A rabbit that couldn't see me because of the sun behind me (must try and use that again in the future) and came running RIGHT AT ME. I couldn't believe my luck but I still didn't catch it.

Then I came home and supervised while TJam started on the garden. She is at the "I can lift things if I bend my knees and keep my back perfectly straight" stage of recovery. That's the second time those stones have had their photo on this blog. I predict it won't be the last either.

It was a tough job, but I made sure that things kept moving.

This evening we went to visit Pin and Huddersfield Town and had a sit down on their decking. It was all going lovelily.

I went for a little splash in the pond. TJam carried on walking. She called me but I didn't appear. Her super sense told her something was wrong (or was she coming to reprimand me for a shoddy recall?). Then I limped over the bank of the pond and stood pathetically. TJam even broke into a run. That's how pathetic I looked.

I was quiet and I couldn't move my leg, but I was still normal. I still wanted a treat. I wasn't crying or licking. I just didn't want to move. So I sat down. I couldn't move my leg into the middle. This photo was taken straight on and my leg is not resting on anything. (Don't worry, TJam didn't prioritise art over my immediate well being. She had decided to ask our friend's opinion on what to do next. Like I said, I wasn't distressed. Just subdued.)

TJam didn't know what to do. We were about half a mile from home and I couldn't walk. So she phoned Nerospal. Nerospal and Jo (that's their spy names) came to the rescue. They drove cross country (literally) along the tiny dirt track like you can see behind me.

They jumped out of their car and galloped to my rescue! N&J you are the best!

I hobbled into my carriage and they put me in. It was quite a posh car so TJam was mortified that I had just come out of a stagnant pond. This was a real test of friendship and TJam owes them big time.

And so, because Chips and Carlsberg have all had a go at the emergency vet after the 6pm cut off point for maximum fee, and so that I could make it a complete set, I went to out of hours vet. Now I am really one of the hardcore gang.

The vet was lovely. She said I had a crunchy elbow and that it just needs plenty of drugs and rest. Maybe it popped out and in or luxated or something. She also found I had a tick so she showed TJam how to remove it. Then she said, "I'll get you an injecsheroony." I was a bit disappointed to find that it was actually just an injection, but after my injecsheroonies, she gave me a rich tea biscuit. A whole one! To myself! I am going to ask if we can change vets.

Plus she gave me a whole bottle of those lovely beef flavour tablets that I love.

And then TJam drove me home and I got back in my bed and I am ready for a lovely sleep, while TJam phones her friend Nerospal and tells her how much she appreciates what a fab friend she is. And how fab Jo is too.

Saturday 30 May 2009

Lifting and Backs

If your human throws stones into the van and then has to lean over to get them out and doesn't carry out back hygene and pulls her back, this is what your hall will look like. Probably for a few days too, til she can bend her knees and lift things PROPERLY. And no TJam, that does not mean you don't have to hoover. Although you probably won't anyway.

As you can tell by the look on my face, I am disgusted and a little indignant. And a little disbelieving. I am very subtle and complex.

TJams says she purpose put extra junk in the hall on purpose to create a lived in atmosphere. Obviously it is usually show home, but she didn't want to make you feel bad.

Friday 29 May 2009

Loving Water

I love water! I love water! and I love lovely blue skies.

(but I only love water up to my elbows)

Wednesday 27 May 2009


At the weekend the humans abandoned the dogs to go to a sunny human birthday party.

Happy birthday cousin Xaja!

I would have liked to join you in your inflatable ball pool, bouncy castle thing, but I don't think it would have worked, what with my claws and all.

Monday 25 May 2009

Horsey Achievement

Today I laid in the grass next to a horse.
In the old days I would have barked wildly in its face.
But not today.

In fact, once at the Dogs' Trust open day, I showed curiousity at a rescue pony, and I went up to it and when it sniffed me I barked and we both jumped out of our skins.

This horse has shown endless patience with me (in return for a few pieces of carrot) and now I choose to lie by it rather than anywhere else in the area (this was not posed).

Go me!
And go fabulous horse!

Sunday 24 May 2009

Winnie the Poo?

This weekend, TJam and the dogs went down to London town to visit the family, and they deserted me here at the homestead. I actually lounged around all day, sunbathed and ate my food in peace, but I purred and chirped when they came home so they felt suitably guilty.

On Saturday, they all went to the place where Winnie the Poo lives. They went with Piglet and Puppy (that's their spy names) and their parents. They didn't actually see Winnie, but TJam did think she saw a flash of yellow in the bushes, so who knows...

They also saw a herd of young and frisky cows (or maybe bulls as they had horns) but they managed to keep out of the way and safe.

It was lovely and sunny and at the end they all posed for a photo.

Sunday 17 May 2009

Beach Babes

Last week we all went for a little trip to the beach. It didn't start all that well for TJam as she is captured here tripping down a little hole. Great timing with the camera Bamgee!

When we got onto the beach, TJam tried to engage me in sand digging games...

... but I had a hankering for a little more canine activity...

I begged and goaded Chips to play with me, but she was only interested in that old toy...

... so in the end I had to charge up and down the beach like a nutter on my own. It was glorious and their loss that they didn't share in the joy.

When we got back onto real land, Chips and TJam sat on a bridge and had a little heart to heart.

Then there was just time for us dogs to pose with Bamgee on a log that was artistically languishing on the sand...

By the time she reads this, Bamgee will be somewhere very hot and maybe sandy. We hope it is fabulous Bamgee! We will keep raiding bins for your delight and amusement!!

Friday 15 May 2009

Welcome Young Bob

TJam now has a new name. AUNTIE TJAM!!
Yes, baby Bob (that's his spy name) was born today weighing in at 9lb 8oz.

Welcome to the family (you poor little sod)!

Well done to TJam's brother and his partner. (Not mentioned in order of effort, sweat or tears. I'm willing to bet his partner put in most of the effort but it was more word efficient to mention them in that order)

Tuesday 12 May 2009


What's that you say? Not enough bin-raiding recently? I hope this semolina makes you as proud of me as I am.

Monday 11 May 2009


Today while I was out on my walk, I was moved by the joys of spring to gambol like a lamb and then throw myself on the floor and roll in the sweet grass. While I was down, I decided I was a bit tired so I had a little 40 winks. Then TJam shouted Let's Go! and I jumped up and pretended I hadn't nodded off at all. I gamboled some more just to fool them.