Thursday 30 April 2009


Well, Waddaya know. I DO have a limit to how much I can eat after all.
Our friend does not like his prescription food so his owner gave it to us for treats.
Allowing for a 20g taste to decide he didn't like it, this 700g bag now weighs 220g which means that, assuming I didn't share with Beanz, which I don't think I did, my limit is 5 and a half days worth of food in one sitting.
I was still ready for lunch 3 hours later though. One has to try.

Sunday 26 April 2009


This morning I am busy helping Bready develop her research proposal.
It is tiring work I tells ya! All this information literacy and student stuff takes its toll on a dog.
- by Beanz hon Phd

Saturday 25 April 2009

City Mutt

we are walking in a city park today. Less sheep but more litter. Suits us fine.
- by Beanz in da hood

Tuesday 21 April 2009


you know your owner is more than healthily obsessed when her predictive text offers woof before wood.
- by Beanz in the woods

Sunday 19 April 2009

Long Trek

TJam decided that we were going to go on a trek. Not a star trek. Just a normal one.

There was just time to take a picture of the view, not even half way up. We had to stay on the lead, because we have met a few stray houdini sheep on this path. They like to get out of their field and hide in the gorse. As you know, it is bad legal form to chase a sheep and neither Beanz nor I can help ourselves. And TJam does not want us shot.

There was just time for a little last minute bin-raiding to keep my strength up as we went through the ruins. Luckily, some picnickers had left some litter, so it wasn't a complete waste of my time.

We made it to the top of the pike. It was so windy we were blown all over the place. It was BRILLIANT. Beanz had a go of having both her ears up at the same time, thanks to the wind.

See that tiny little blob on the top of the hill? Well, that's where we were! All the way up there!

Next, we went up to the final feature of the walk, a mound of stones. There were actually three mounds of stones. It's a shame it was so hazy, because the view was amazing. It was so sunny, I had to shut my eyes.

So, TJam's dad... you've always said you want to go to the top: next time you visit, the gauntlet is DOWN!!

Thursday 16 April 2009

"What is it" Wednesday

It's been a while since life lent itself so generously to a "What is it?" Wednesday.

When it did, we grabbed it with both hands (even though it is a Thursday. We can't wait til next week.)

Although now I have watched it, I realise you can't see or hear the rain. It was there. Honest! I was loving it!

If you need a clue, think Morecambe and Wise.

If that doesn't help, think Fred Astaire.

If neither of those help, get yourself down to the video shop. Erm, I mean the DVD shop.

Saturday 11 April 2009

Did I or Didn't I?

Before I ask the question, "Did I or didn't I?" I want to tell you about this cool bed I found. TJam got some liners for some hanging baskets (don't hold your breath, she always gets as far as liners and even plants, but falls down when it comes to putting the two together).

It would seem that 12" is just the right diameter for a cosy cat bed.

I said, "This space is TAKEN. Move along please. There are no hanging baskets to make here."

TJam has been busy making Easter nests for Bamgee, Bready and Unliz. You have to imagine that the Easter hen laid flat eggs in her nest. Tjam didn't get to the shop in time to get small vegan eggs. I'm sure no one will notice.

TJam saved herself a nest to have with her cup of tea before she sets off. When she came into the kitchen, this is what she saw:

I quickly headed in the direction of the door and TJam didn't actually see me touch the cake, I just had my head near it.

There was dribble on the chocolate button, which was lying next to the nest, but since the nest is shiny anyway, TJam doesn't know if I licked the nest or not. Now she has to decide whether to take the chance and eat it anyway, or whether to play it safe and throw it away.

What would you do?

Easter Dip

I almost took my feet off the floor. I am the little black dot in the water.
- by Beanz, from the blue lagoon

Friday 10 April 2009

Poplars and Memory Lane

Spring is in the air.

Whenever TJam sees poplars (or whatever you call those tall straight trees) she thinks about the allotment she used to go to with her mum when she was small. Her mum used to dig, and TJam used to write. Well, she used to make squiggles on the page in a long line and then look for shapes that looked like letters (mostly, if they were going to look like anything, they would look like an "m"). There was a man there that had a Westhighand Terrier . The allotment shop smelled like fertiliser.

Anyhu, all of that was YEARS before we were born, in the days when dog poo turned white and you could still get Green Shield Stamps.

Here we are, posing by the poplars.