Thursday 30 December 2004


It's back. We have to set the trap again.

Wednesday 29 December 2004


The mouse is now in the tea towel drawer. The humane trap went in. We had one false alarm and then caught the mouse. But TJam was in her pyjamas and wasn't sure if there was anything inside. So she took it down the garden to have a look and the mouse jumped out. The instructions say you have to take it 1km from the house so it is only a matter or time before it comes back.

Saturday 25 December 2004

Merry Christmas!

While I guarded the house, TJam, family and dogs had a lovely and relaxing Christmas day. 

 Brazil made everyone a lovely dinner.

Friday 24 December 2004

Christmas Eve

After a flurry of housework and last minute wrapping of presents, the dogs and TJam drove down to see TJam's family.

Saturday 18 December 2004


TJam has bought a humane mouse trap and it is under the floorboards. I went down to check it out and make sure she had set it properly. It needs to be checked every 4 hours. How practical.

Wednesday 15 December 2004


TJam went to test drive a Kangoo van today. She liked it a lot and you can clean out the inside easily, which would be great for the dirty dogs.

Thursday 9 December 2004


Tonight was the dog training party. Everyone had a great time and Beanz won a rosette for what happens to be my favourite photo every - "Best Photo" entitled "Cat Bites Dog".

Sunday 5 December 2004


Bamgee has headed off for Peru. 

TJam was away for the weekend so the dogs had to go into kennels. They had a good time playing with their friend Smokey Joe but they were glad to come home.