Friday 15 April 2005

Mice 4 : TJam 2

We now officially hate mice. There were 2 running around the front room this evening. We managed to catch one in the humane trap and treck down the road to release it. Is it really more humane to release a mouse into a wet field in the middle of the night? The other one managed to escape.

Monday 11 April 2005


Beanz had her stitches out today and the cone is off her head.

Friday 8 April 2005


A momentous day. TJam finished a can of polish she bought in 1995.

Fliptop came to stay with us for the weekend.

Tuesday 5 April 2005

On the Mend

At last Beanz is picking up. This morning she went for a 5 minute walk, pulled towards a puddle and waded through it. This evening we drove the dogmobile round to the field and had a 15 minute walk. Now Beanz is exhausted. Lightweight. I am fine. 

Carlsberg went AWOL for 36 hours but she is back now, smelling of the farm down the road. She has lost her collar too.

Sunday 3 April 2005


We have had a very quiet weekend. Beanz is proper poorly and just lays on her bed all the time. Her temperature is still 103F. TJam has to give her special food cos she doesn't want to eat, and she has to take water over to her. She has only wagged her tail twice all weekend (Beanz, not TJam). Once when our friend Nerospal came to visit (thank you for the present Nero. Beanz has shared with me!) and once when I came back from my walk to say hello. 

Meanwhile, I am healthy and being very well behaved on my walks now Beanz is not there to distract me. I can even walk past a dog in the street without barking. Go me.

I am cool and very well behaved

Bamgee phoned today. She is still in Brazil working very hard. She is coming for a visit at the end of April.

Friday 1 April 2005

No April Fool

No time for April fools today. TJam went to pick Beanz up from doggie hospital today. She has been going off her food for a few days but 2 days ago, she refused to eat and could hardly walk, she was all stiff. It turned out she had a temperature of 105F and when antibiotics didn't work, she had to have a scan, where they found a "mass" and so then an operation to see if the mass was something dodgy she had eaten. It was only her spleen, so they sewed her back up and she had to stay in overnight. We all missed her. 

Poor Beanz

Anyway, she is home today but feeling very very sorry for herself. She has to go back tomorrow. 

A big thank you to everyone in the Beanz fan club who has texted to find out how she is doing.  And to Nicole and Helen, the vets. 

And to our insurance company.