Wednesday 30 April 2008

Funny Gulpy Thing

- by Beanz

Do any of you other dogs get this weird thing where you keep gulping really hard and then you HAVE TO get out and eat loads and loads and loads of grass like a thing possessed. You can't walk along or anything, you've just GOT TO eat grass. And if there is no grass, anything green and leafy will do (even raspberry leaves at a push). It has happened to me twice today.

Does it happen to you? What is it? Is there anything that makes it go away apart from eating grass. TJam is not that happy if I HAVE TO go out to eat something green at 3am.

Monday 28 April 2008

Calling the RSPCA

- by Chips

TJ is making me go out for a before-bedtime-wee. It's cold out there! Call the RSPCA. Tell them i'm not fed enough and I have to go out in the cold. Tell them I have to work for all my treats. That is downright taking advantage. Tell them I can only get on the settee and dig up the cushions when no one is in the house and TJ has forgotten to put the guitar on the seat to stop me. My life is misery I tells you! MISERY!

That memory stick has turned up, but so has a shipload of work, chores and deadlines. I'm neglected I tells you!

Saturday 26 April 2008


- by Carlsberg

The amount of blogging going on is pathetic. This is because TJam has lost the things for getting photos from her phone onto the computer. She has a memory stick and a wire but she can't find either.


Wednesday 23 April 2008


- by Beanz

The bed is here! It is lovely and luxury and soft and fluffy. Unfortunately, I don't get a look in until Chips decides to let me. Here she is giving it its virgin voyage into the land of nod. See how CLEAN it is. Thank you Dogs Today and Rosewood pets. We heart you!

Friday 18 April 2008

Happy 21st Fliptop

- by Chips

Last weekend it was TJ's sister, Fliptop's 21st. We all went down to help her celebrate. Beanz made the most of the big garden and sunbathed all day.

In the meantime, I watch Bamgee wrap up the Champagne. This is only for humans. It makes them smile and give dogs more treats than usual.

The humans held their glasses aloft and celebrated the journey from this:

to this:

Happy 21st Fliptop!

Tuesday 8 April 2008

Mid-life Crisis

- by Beanz While TJam was at work, I had a go at being an Andrex* puppy. I look disappointed in this picture because I have just realised that I am
a) not yellow
b) not a labrador
b) not a puppy any more

I stand zero chance of being the face of Andrex.
My life is just passing me by.

* Other toilet tissues are available.

Sunday 6 April 2008

Heeling (most of the time)

- by Beanz

Today I have been mostly walking to heel and not getting lost.

Oh, apart from when we went past this field.
As TJ admired the scenery and took a photo (those are ponies in the field), I jumped the 2 foot wall which was a 6 foot drop on the other side. Knew my agility training would come in handy. Chips followed behind me, but TJ couldn't get in because of the barbed wire. So she went round the perimeter fence to find a way in where she would be able to get out again. Well, she got in ok but when she tried to lift Chips out she got stuck. Don't worry, she only got a small stab in the hand off the fence and her tenanus is up to date. In the end she had to give us a leg up over a wall and into the farmer's garden, then make a jump for it herself and run out via the farmer's drive. I don't think putting her hand over her face was much of a disguise but it was the best she could think of and hopefully nobody saw us.
Then I went back to heel and stayed there all day.

Friday 4 April 2008

Note to Self

- by Beanz
I found this this evening:
The day started well. TJam got an email from Dogs Today to say she had won the photo caption competition, and the best thing? (apart from the fame and fortune obviously) is that the prize is a dog bed! Now, since the old beanbag went a bit smelly, TJam resurrected Jump's old beanbag inner, which was great for a staffie/jack russelly thing, but not so enormous for a collie cross. I don't mind that I am sleeping in a dead dog's bed but I do kind of hang over the edge. TJ has been looking for beds so this is really a blessing.
This evening, I got properly lost. Like 10 real minutes, TJ-feeling-cold-and-sick lost. Not nipping-into-the-bushes-for-a-sneaky-scavenge lost. I was a bit nervous of a man with his 3 dogs. Next thing, I just got freaked out and started running and running. Next thing, I couldn't find Chips and TJ anywhere! I was running around and around. I could hear them calling but I was so freaked out I couldn't use my ears or super-scenting nose. TJam was looking for me and Chips used the opportunity to sniff out and eat a chicken or cooked lamb or something (TJ couldn't see what it was but Chips is feeling rough now and looking like a barrel - serves her right TJam says).

So eventually the man caught me and put me on his lead and ran back to where he could hear TJ calling. I was so relieved to see everyone I just sat and looked at them and looked at them some more.

With all TJ reads on Doglost and all the posters she puts up for other dogs and the 3 that have been stolen round here recently, TJ didn't know if she would get me back. I am nice and friendly after all. So the moral of the story is that there are really nice and kind people in the world. People that will run themselves out of breath for a dog and then won't give their address so you can give them some beer to say thank you.

Now the fire is lit. I am laying on my tiny beanbag and all is well.

And not boring.

Tuesday 1 April 2008

Letting the Cat into the Bag

Dear Bamgee

Thank you very much for my present. I love my new bag very much indeed.

Love from

Unusual Sight

- by Chips

Today, TJ saw an unusual sight in someone's garden. Cool huh?

In other news, I am feeling completely better :)