Sunday 28 November 2004


Fliptop and Trainers called in for the afternoon. Trainers wanted to go for a walk in the hills, but called it off when his white trainers started to get muddy. This has earned him his spy name.

Wednesday 24 November 2004

Des Visiteurs

TJam's friend, Ponton Annuaire (who she used to live with in France) came to stay, along with her friend, who is a musician.

Friday 19 November 2004


TJam, Bamgee and the dogs went to Boroughbridge, near York to rent a little cottage for the weekend. They had a fabulous time, walking in fields and looking round the shops. They had an open fire and had takeaway curry for tea every night. 

 They totally recommend the place and have the number if you would like to go (sleeps 3, takes dogs).

Wren Breakfast

I brought in a wren to wake TJam up at 7.30am. 

While she was in the shower, I chased it round the bedroom so there were loads of feathers when she came out. 

Then I killed it and ate it. 
I left a liver for Tamsin to tread on later.

Saturday 13 November 2004


It was Bamgee's leaving party this evening. 
She is soon off to Peru for a while to work her dream job :) 
Then travelling the world.

Friday 12 November 2004


This evening, TJam, Chips and Beanz went to Derby to catch up with Dr J, LovelyK and Joeymeh. TJam used to live with them when she was a student. 

They had a fabulous time, catching up on the last 9 years. 
They are all going to come here one day. 
Yeah. When TJam has tidied up. I might bring a mouse in as a gift.

Sunday 7 November 2004


We have had fireworks all weekend. I am fine about them. 
Beanz decided to get scared at 10pm tonight and she's laying under the table tonight.

Saturday 6 November 2004


Injections. Touché.

Friday 5 November 2004


Today, TJam went to have a look at some kennels for the dogs to go in while she has to go away. She was upset at the thought but she liked the place, so that should be ok. It was her friend, Selena's kennels, so the dogs will know her and TJam trusts her. High praise indeed. 

 I was meant to have my injections today. I went walkabout and TJam had to postpone it til tomorrow.