Wednesday 28 December 2005

Cat's Christmas

Well, everyone had a lovely Christmas. I spent mine here, and Silky came to play with me and feed me. TJam forgot to leave my Christmas dinner out, so I have played the guilt card by being extra friendly. I waited at the door for everyone when they came back from visiting the family and I slept on TJam's shoulder last night and the night before. Not that she cares as she got a memory foam pillow for Christmas and is sleeping the best she has ever slept.

Bamgee went to her mum's for Christmas day and TJam, Chips and Beanz went down to London for the family experience. They had a wonderful time, with loads of food, presents and visiting. In fact I don't think they were desperate to come home. But they had to because of ME! By Boxing day, Brazil was turning out a roast dinner like a professional and she did us all proud. Thank you Brazil!

There has been snow all across the country and this morning there was frost on the inside of the windows. Ok, that is something that needs to be sorted for next winter!

Sunday 18 December 2005

Bah Humbug

Today, Michelle and Kelly came over for dinner. We have put the tree up but TJam has moved the tinsel because I keep eating it.


Saturday 17 December 2005

Fliptop Sings

Fliptop "I want that one" Sister arrived in the middle of the night and today she went into Manchester and recorded a CD. It is her first one, hopefully the first of many.

Thursday 15 December 2005

Beanz Wins Prize

Tonight Beanz won a prize in a Christmas party game. We think it is the first thing she has ever won. See? She's not as useless as she looks! Ha ha. I'm just joking Beanz. You know I love you.

Wednesday 14 December 2005


Last night there was meant to be a meteor shower but when TJam went out to look, all she got was a faceful of rain and all she could see was clouds. This morning, we went to give some carrots to our neighbour the horse, Joseph, and what should we see but the most beautiful shooting star, shoot right over Joseph's stable and break up in front of our very eyes. Us dogs were not overly impressed, but as a human, TJam has been smiling in awe all day every time she remembers it.

Sunday 11 December 2005


I love helping wrap Christmas presents. All that paper and sellotape to rustle and chase. It's fab.

Saturday 10 December 2005

Sight for Sore Eyes

No, your eyes don't deceive you. There *are* 6 llamas dressed in Santa suits and there *is* a 6 foot tall Santa's helper elf walking between them.