Tuesday 25 May 2004

Mouse Mystery Over

The mouse turned up.

Decapitated on the rug.


Carlsberg has just come in and dropped a live mouse. It ran behind the fridge and there is no sign of it since. There is no escape route and yet...

Sunday 23 May 2004


Yesterday we had a barbeque. Mmmmmmm. Today, we went to Blackpool (no starfish this time) and walked along the beach. Then we went and had chips on the sea front.

Thursday 13 May 2004


We went to agility class. I loved the tunnel - it was the fountain of dog treats.

I went *in* but won't come *out*. 

It's great fun :)

Tuesday 4 May 2004


We went on a long walk. I couldn't resist going mad at the sheep and we had trouble getting everyone over the styles, although Chips did manage to scale a 5' wall. 

Here are the humans having a cup of tea that took an hour to make on the Trangia. Call it part of the camping experience. We had a fab time and it was a shame to come home.

Monday 3 May 2004

Canine Picnic

We all slept surprisingly well. 

We went to Kendal Castle. 

The ONE time us dogs were let off the lead, I ran off and ate an unattended picnic. TJam is telling herself that is was the crusts of a sandwich, and not the whole thing. 

They had a moral dilemma and thought maybe they should come clean but eventually decided to run for it.

Sunday 2 May 2004

Camping at Last!

We went camping!

In their usual prepared way, the humans read the instructions and put up the tent for the first time.

First, get everything out of the car...

Lay the tent out on the floor...

Put the poles in the tent and it goes up just like that!