Sunday 23 December 2012


This is my hygienic approach to helping the humans set the table. Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday 21 December 2012


This is me doing yoga. That's my foot you can see at the bottom me the picture.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Resisting Temptation

Who can resist a delicious delivery note? Not me.

Saturday 24 November 2012

Saturday Night TV

TJam has a great Saturday night's viewing ahead of her. What is she complaining about?

Saturday 27 October 2012


Don't worry TJam. I saved the other half for you.

Friday 26 October 2012


I am only reading this so i can do the opposite.

Saturday 20 October 2012


Today TJam decided she was going to blog me. She wanted a good shot of me pouncing on something (but she preferred it not to be alive. Wimp.) She lined up the camera.

I pounced. She shot.

Too slow.

Next, I pounced and she took probably the most unflattering picture of me it is possible to take. This is probably what I'll look like when I'm a ghost. With one eye.

Next, she pressed focus first, and then I pounced. I guess she doesn't know how to shorten the shutter speed yet. *Shakes head in despair*

And all this time, Beanz slept. No need to worry about shutter speed for her this weekend.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Late Home For Lunch

Dear TJam

Next time maybe you'll think twice about coming home late for lunch

Love from Chip

Thursday 11 October 2012


I have cheered up since my surgery yesterday. I have a little stitch under my eye but I'm being very brave. I am managing to eat with one less tooth but I am taking a bit longer to get used to the lampshade.

Sunday 7 October 2012


It was a beautiful day today, so we went for a walk in the woods and TJam took her camera.

It all started well, TJam taking pictures of us...

I wasn't jealous when TJam took a picture of Chips

but then TJam started messing around with the settings on her camera and neglecting us

So I totally photobombed her scenic attempts.

The balance of the world is restored.

Sunday 30 September 2012


After 10 years, TJam finally decided it was safe to get a rug. Same time Chips decided it was about time she weed in the night again.

Lucky for me, the odour eliminator has the same effect as catnip. I have scratched the back of the rug off.

The dog/cat combo destroy your home from both sides. You're welcome.

Friday 28 September 2012


We have totally got THE most comfortable place to sleep. I am still not entirely convinced that I am allowed on it because I haven't been allowed on the furniture for 9 years, but this chair IS for us. I keep checking with TJam before I get on it, just in case. But Yay!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

1 - 0

Today it is stomach acid 1 - enormous raw hide chew 0.

Last night I swallowed THE most enormous piece of chew you have ever seen. TJam thought it would never pass safely through.

I had an early night to sleep it off.

And here I am, 24 hours later, it as a fiddle and demanding my tea. TJam is such a worry wart. I am the champion!

Saturday 8 September 2012


I am bored waiting for Chips to eat blackberries. That's her tail you can see in the bushes.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Being Brave

They are shooting pigeons over the back. I think the safest place to be is under TJam's legs.

Friday 31 August 2012


I have got a poorly eye. The vet put some incredible hulk drops in to look at it. I was very brave.

Hopefully the magic drops will sort me out. I have got conjunctivitis. And a tiny harmless tumour.

TJam says I might have the tiny harmless tumour removed while I am healthy, before it causes me any problems. Luckily I don't understand a word she says so I am not worried at all.

Thursday 23 August 2012

Spot The Dog

I'm in there somewhere!

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Cat's Life

Me by day.

Me by night.

Monday 18 June 2012

Summer Celebrations

Well, the journey ended on HOLIDAY!!
We went to the beach to celebrate the Boy Wonder's very special birthday.

I celebrated by running round like and idiot on the beach...

... and learning that rock pools contain salt water, that is not good for drinking...

Chips and I had Chinese takeaway for breakfast. 
What a treat!

And Chips found a spot of shade and had a little rest while 
The Boy Wonder read the Sunday paper.

Happy Birthday to you Mr BW!

Saturday 16 June 2012


Where are we going?

No matter how much you cover me up, I WILL bark on the way.

Sunday 10 June 2012

Hobbies and Dirt

TJam totally bored us today when she discovered her manual focus and decided to take photos of mushrooms and stuff.

I like other things, like practising my high tail posture when I warn TJam about invisible things that are coming down the path.

I like shaking while I am still in the pond.

I like galloping like a puppy, even though I am nearly 11.

I like meeting my friends over the fields and mugging people for biscuits which TJam asks them not to give me, but they do anyway.

So I mug them more.

I like resting in the grass while TJam works out how to get black and white.

And I don't mind sharing if TJam wants to take a snap of Chips.

And most of all I love it when Chips makes me look like an angel when she steals a PIECE OF TOAST off this two year old girl. Right out of her hand!
And I loved it when this girl demonstrated how ankle length wellies are only a guide of how deep you go into the water, but should not limit you in any way.

Sunday 3 June 2012


 While I keep myself meticulously clean...

... Beanz makes a total hash of lying on her bed.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Summer Walk

Is B3 a dog or a kangaroo? :)

Monday 28 May 2012


TJam says she loves it when a dog just joyfully gets down and rolls in the grass.

She says she doubly loves it when there is no fox poo involved.

Monday 21 May 2012

Dear TJam

Dear TJam

If you go away for the weekend and leave us behind again, we Will do even more than this to Pin's bin.

Got it?

Love from
Chips and Beanz

Thursday 17 May 2012

Bird Hunter

Bet you are glad you are not the bird on the receiving end of this stare.

Tuesday 15 May 2012


TJam has found the "miniaturise" button on her camera.

We're TINY

We still need normal food portions though.

Sunday 13 May 2012


You might wonder why I am looking so worried...

Well, TJam has got a new camera.

She has snapped Carlsberg

and Chips

and then she got totally arty and turned on the black and white.

Whatever next?