Thursday 30 June 2005


June was the month of Bamgee working from her office on the sofa and of TJam discovering the joys of windows movie maker, and it really is a joy. We dogs were more than happy to provide moral support and Beanz was occasional lookout.

It was a month of watching Big Brother 5 and genuinely thinking that this is the last and that I think we really have had our fill of reality TV.

June was the month going on a Nervous Dogs course at the local dogs home and learning much more about the timing of punishment and rewards. And a real turning point for Chips who, by the end of the weekend was able to sit in a room of other dogs. Granted, she was the only dog that didn't close her eyes and fall asleep for the WHOLE WEEKEND (and the tutor suggesting she may need some more vitamin B and that some of the stress may be dietary). It was a real confidence booster and we met some cool people who we hope to keep in touch with.