Saturday 31 May 2014


What does it take to convince TJam that I am NOT interested in catching the fish?


Chips 1 TJam 0

Friday 30 May 2014


Meanwhile I have had a quality walk and bonding time without Chips cutting it short with her sickness. It was great. I chased two rabbits and went in the pond before posing in some buttercups.


This was the most enthusiastic look I could manage after my day having bloods taken, liver scanned and a drip in to keep me hydrated. The good news is I am home and my liver looks ok. I might have a poorly pancreas but the humans think I am treatable and will be back raiding bins in no time.

The worst part is that I have been right off my food. In fact that is what alerted TJam to my plight.
Since my procedure I have got a couple of tins of delicious dog food out of it so every cloud and all that. I go back to be checked in the morning. Paws crossed TJam will be despairing at my misdemeanors again very soon.

Saturday 24 May 2014


Do you think I'll grow into a magic Beanstalk?

Friday 9 May 2014

Not Keen

I'm not overly keen on the head gear but I am feeling a bit brighter today after the vet wrestled a tooth from my mouth in an, "I haven't done an  extraction like THAT in a very long time..." operation yesterday.

I am not sure which end to focus more on at the moment since my rear end has been given a number 0 all over to frame my stitches.s

I am in good spirits though, especially as I have to have soft food and everyone is being extra nice to me.

Thursday 8 May 2014


When TJam came to pick me up from the vet, she found me doing a bit of work behind reception.

I may drop in my CV next time I'm passing and ask if there are any extra hours going.

I have had the lump on my end tail removed and also a tricky tooth. Helen, Naomi and Elaine did an excellent job.