Wednesday 31 December 2003

Dance Mat and Snow

A quiet New Year's Eve. 
TJam and Bamgee spent all night on the dance mat.

Just before midnight it snowed!

Beanz freaked out when she saw it.
That and the fireworks.
Another thing to add to Beanz's "Things Aren't As Scary As She Thinks They Are" rehabilitation list.

Saturday 20 December 2003

Happy Alternative Christmas

We had our alternative Christmas today.

The dogs had dog-friendly (not mince) pies .

We gave Bamgee a compost bin. 
What more could a human ask for?

The humans played a favourite childhood game...


Thursday 11 December 2003


Today we went to our training class Christmas party.

Artist came with us and we went as "Jack and the magic Beanz"

We were doing well in the egg and spoon race until Chips let us down and ate our egg.