Sunday 26 October 2003


Today we have heard scratching in the wall cavity. If we are optimistic, we will put out a humane mouse trap. If we are realistic, we will have to call in the rat-catcher.

Saturday 25 October 2003

Celebrity Dog School

We all went over to the Big City to do some work on Bamgee's house. When we came back we watched Celebrity Dog School, which made me and Beanz look like angels. Hooray for Celebrity Dog School. Valerie is our favourite and she looks a lot like me.

Sunday 19 October 2003


Bamgee came home today! TJam went to meet her from the airport. She had been travelling for 52 hours and is exhausted. It is lovely to see her and we greeted her enthusiastically.

Saturday 18 October 2003

Something Afoot?

TJam has been cleaning the house all day.

Friday 10 October 2003


Poor Carlsberg had to have her vaccinations today. She was very good, but you'll be lucky if you see her in a cat carrier again any time soon.

Thursday 9 October 2003


I went to the advanced training class. I was very nervous in a foom full of dogs and I had trouble "staying". But all in all I did as I was told and TJam was very proud of me.

Thursday 2 October 2003


TJam and Beanz came home from dog training smiling and laughing today. Beanz and I have been promoted to the advanced class. It is not true that the teacher only feels sorry for us and is trying to boost our confidence.