Wednesday 31 December 2008

Index of 2008

In January Chips was poorly, Carlsberg was allowed out onto the porch and there was flooding.

In February, TJam ran "What is it Wednesday", Carlsberg got her cat tree and we celebrated 6 years of our 2nd life with TJam.

In March, TJam and FlipTop wint to Crufts, Beanz got a bespoke collar and TJam got some novelty wellies. Chips fell in the canal and got back out again. We went to visit TJam's family and it was TJam's cousin's 40th.

April saw Fliptop turn 21. Beanz got lost and found and then chewed up a kitchen roll. Chips won a new bed in a caption competition.

In May we went camping in Wales during the gales and we went to the beach. We got rejected by You've Been Framed and Chips & Beanz got accepted as PAT dogs.

June was quiet and a little bird at school had chicks in the hanging baskets. July was also quiet. Carlsberg got the run of the garden and Chips survived another batch of chocolate when Mum came to stay.

In August, everyone apart from Carlsberg went on holiday (not camping this year) and TJam met up with Towny Farm and her family. There was a continuing problem with rain in September.

Sadly, regular contributer, Dizzy died in October. Chips and Beanz got in trouble with stealing a ham shank (and MORE chocolate. I know, I wouldn't believe it either) and TJam had some diabolicle knacker sausages. It snowed and the dogs shook mud all over the washing.

In November, Carlsberg caught her first mouse in ages. Chocolate featured. Chips weed on TJam's work bag and sat on the washing. In December, there was another mouse, the humans went skating and then it was Christmas.

Thursday 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from all of us.

If you've kept up this far, for all these years, you should be really proud of yourselves!
(or see a doctor)
Have a fun filled, live for the moment kind of day, and eat as much turkish delight as you can manage (we know we will)
love from TJam, Chips, Beanz and Carlsberg

Wednesday 24 December 2008

Cat's Christmas

- by Carlsberg

This week I have been very helpful with the wrapping. I love to jump underneath all the paper. TJam loves it when I do that, especially when she is trying to get everything done before Christmas.
Beanz has not been helpful at all. She has been sleeping in front of the fire.
The humans had Christmas part 1. I helped Bamgee decorate the tree.

I put the tinsel in its place by boxing it playfully.

I found time to practise my indignant look.
GREEN tinsel?!?!
Whatever were they thinking?

I investigated the decorations and made sure they were up to scratch.

I got in the decorations box to make sure TJam hadn't missed anything and while I was there, I had a little bite on those long dangly decorations that TJam won't use any more because I try to eat them and she has to pull them out of my throat.

Then the humans had their Christmas dinner and I got some extra catnip drops for keeping out of the way.

Merry Cat's Christmas to you all!

Saturday 20 December 2008

Getting Christmassy

- by Chips

The humans left us at home last weekend, while they went off to get into the festive spirit. TJam, Bamgee and Hatty (that's her spy name) went into the town and got their blades on. There was only one fall in the whole hour and no blood was spilt. Bones remained intact too.

Then they went to the European Market, which was jam packed, and had mulled wine and bought some Christmas presents. TJam says she is not getting us dogs anything, as we have her blood, sweat and tears (and money) all year round. I'm sure she must be joking though. They met Lamb Chop (that's her spy name) for a second glass of wine and then rolled home. They weren't too far gone to feed us, thank goodness.

Friday 19 December 2008

Squirrels - the Rematch

- by Beanz

So near yet so far, they tantalise me. Those bushy little tails, cute little chase-me eyes. This one clung stock still like that for AGES. So still I didn't even SEE it. Luckily TJam got in with the camera and I have to put up with taunts of, "Beanz the Squirreller? You're RUBBISH" and other such subtle ribbing.In other news, I have been wearing a new collar. It is a little bit heavier than my normal one but other than that, there doesn't seem to be any difference...

Friday 5 December 2008


- by Beanz

The local kids built a snowman on the common.

TJam let me have a look at it. She did't let me eat the carrot for a nose.

Bamgee walked me. She is not so experienced in thinking ahead on my behalf to avert disaster.

I was very gentle.

I took the carrot and dropped it on the floor.

I ate the carrot.

I love snowmen.

Monday 1 December 2008

Busy Night

23:00h Settled down for the night on TJam's shoulder. She has been away for the weekend so I was glad to see her. Plus there was a frost and it was cold.

00:23h TJam disturbed me for a bathroom break. I moved onto the warm bit so she had to get back into the cold side of the bed.

03:57h I felt nocturnal and went out in the garden.

04:20h I brought my little mouse up into the bedroom to welcome TJam home properly.

04:23h I gave my best, "I've got a little present for you" call.

04:24h TJam clipped my claws the other day and because of this, I could not hold my prey securely and it ran under the bed. I ran after it.

04:25h Chased mouse from out of my playtime paper bag.

04:26h Mouse ran into the folded up plastic Christmas tree which is now out of storage and waiting to be put up. Distinct lack of help from TJam.

04:27-04:34h TJam started to come to and say something that sounded to me like, "Oh Carlsberg! You are so clever! You've brought me a lovely present! Thank you!" She came over to look more closely at my gift. I patted it so she could have a go at catching it herself.

04:35h TJam went for the humane mouse trap. I went into the other bedroom.

04:37h Mouse ran into trap (no bait needed, it was glad to run into a dark space).

04:38h Mouse deposited into garden.

04:39h Garden too frosted up to use for toiletting purposes.

04:40h TJam returned to bed.

04:44h Still experiencing thrill of the chase, so stalked around bedroom jumping on paper bags and all my toys.

04:57h Went on pre-going-to-sleep patrol of the house.

05:13h Settled back down on the bed again. Purred contentedly.

05:23h TJam's adrenalin levels returned to normal and she settled back to sleep.

05:24h House quiet again.