Saturday, 20 December 2008

Getting Christmassy

- by Chips

The humans left us at home last weekend, while they went off to get into the festive spirit. TJam, Bamgee and Hatty (that's her spy name) went into the town and got their blades on. There was only one fall in the whole hour and no blood was spilt. Bones remained intact too.

Then they went to the European Market, which was jam packed, and had mulled wine and bought some Christmas presents. TJam says she is not getting us dogs anything, as we have her blood, sweat and tears (and money) all year round. I'm sure she must be joking though. They met Lamb Chop (that's her spy name) for a second glass of wine and then rolled home. They weren't too far gone to feed us, thank goodness.

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Mack said...

My mom always says "Every day is Christmas around here for you dogs" Makes me mad!