Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Index of 2008

In January Chips was poorly, Carlsberg was allowed out onto the porch and there was flooding.

In February, TJam ran "What is it Wednesday", Carlsberg got her cat tree and we celebrated 6 years of our 2nd life with TJam.

In March, TJam and FlipTop wint to Crufts, Beanz got a bespoke collar and TJam got some novelty wellies. Chips fell in the canal and got back out again. We went to visit TJam's family and it was TJam's cousin's 40th.

April saw Fliptop turn 21. Beanz got lost and found and then chewed up a kitchen roll. Chips won a new bed in a caption competition.

In May we went camping in Wales during the gales and we went to the beach. We got rejected by You've Been Framed and Chips & Beanz got accepted as PAT dogs.

June was quiet and a little bird at school had chicks in the hanging baskets. July was also quiet. Carlsberg got the run of the garden and Chips survived another batch of chocolate when Mum came to stay.

In August, everyone apart from Carlsberg went on holiday (not camping this year) and TJam met up with Towny Farm and her family. There was a continuing problem with rain in September.

Sadly, regular contributer, Dizzy died in October. Chips and Beanz got in trouble with stealing a ham shank (and MORE chocolate. I know, I wouldn't believe it either) and TJam had some diabolicle knacker sausages. It snowed and the dogs shook mud all over the washing.

In November, Carlsberg caught her first mouse in ages. Chocolate featured. Chips weed on TJam's work bag and sat on the washing. In December, there was another mouse, the humans went skating and then it was Christmas.

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meepettemu said...

happy year tjam and family :o) x