Monday, 1 December 2008

Busy Night

23:00h Settled down for the night on TJam's shoulder. She has been away for the weekend so I was glad to see her. Plus there was a frost and it was cold.

00:23h TJam disturbed me for a bathroom break. I moved onto the warm bit so she had to get back into the cold side of the bed.

03:57h I felt nocturnal and went out in the garden.

04:20h I brought my little mouse up into the bedroom to welcome TJam home properly.

04:23h I gave my best, "I've got a little present for you" call.

04:24h TJam clipped my claws the other day and because of this, I could not hold my prey securely and it ran under the bed. I ran after it.

04:25h Chased mouse from out of my playtime paper bag.

04:26h Mouse ran into the folded up plastic Christmas tree which is now out of storage and waiting to be put up. Distinct lack of help from TJam.

04:27-04:34h TJam started to come to and say something that sounded to me like, "Oh Carlsberg! You are so clever! You've brought me a lovely present! Thank you!" She came over to look more closely at my gift. I patted it so she could have a go at catching it herself.

04:35h TJam went for the humane mouse trap. I went into the other bedroom.

04:37h Mouse ran into trap (no bait needed, it was glad to run into a dark space).

04:38h Mouse deposited into garden.

04:39h Garden too frosted up to use for toiletting purposes.

04:40h TJam returned to bed.

04:44h Still experiencing thrill of the chase, so stalked around bedroom jumping on paper bags and all my toys.

04:57h Went on pre-going-to-sleep patrol of the house.

05:13h Settled back down on the bed again. Purred contentedly.

05:23h TJam's adrenalin levels returned to normal and she settled back to sleep.

05:24h House quiet again.


Drab said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha..............(catching my breath) Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, So not funny if it happened to me.........but it didn't Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

Julie X

Mack said...

You had a busy night!

Anonymous said...

As per Julie's comments...........ha ha ha..sorry I can't stop laughing!
Do feel sorry for your disturbed night though......te he.

B1B2 xx

maybe another use for the 'equipment'!