Monday 31 December 2007

2007 Index

In January it was very quiet. We tried a new agility class and Beanz caught a stray sheep but didn't hurt it. In fact, Beanz did a lot of chasing. TJam's teddy wrote to his makers and Chips ate a chilli. Ann and Ron got Benny.

In February TJam took up knitting, Chips ate lots of things and Uncle Gardener turned 70.

In March, Flat Stanley came to stay and someone stole the dog food off our drive.

In April, Chips survived chocolate poisoning (with the help of diazepam) and TJam took some photos at dog training.

In May, TJam ordered a new wardrobe.

In June, the wardrobe arrived. Chips got her silver Kennel Club Citizenship and ate 5 fatballs. Our friend Barney turned 16.

The month of July saw the rediscovery of Pipkin, TJam got new bras and touched a toad. Carlsberg dropped a mouse on the bed and it ran on TJam's face. Beanz hurt her leg and TJam got a new hoover.

In August, we went on Pin and Huddersfield Town's new decking and then we went camping. Fliptop's cat had kittens and TJam ate 1-year-old margarine. TJam also took up photography and accidentally ate some icecream.

In September we went to London and met the queen cousin Xaja.

In October Chips and Beanz ate and chased doggie things, we dirtied Pin's cream coat and learnt how to put video on our blog (squirrel chasing and cat cartoon).

In November, Carlsberg was very very poorly We re-ran the mars bar video for old time's sake.

In December, Carlsberg got better, the humans went skating, Beanz got her Gold Citizen and went to the dog training Christmas party, and we had lots of Christmas celebrations.


- by Chips

Just wanted to sneak a last bin raider photo in before the end of the year. A beauty, even though I say so myself, a fine example of an overnight project.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday 30 December 2007

Christmas Games

- by Beanz

I have had a good play with my new Father Christmas...
... and Chips has given the snowman a run for his money...

... and now I'm exhausted.

See you all in the new year!


Tuesday 25 December 2007

Father Christmas 33 years on

- by TJamThe Old Chap seems to have come a little way in terms of image since 1974. Although he still keeps young children (and me) awake at night with excitement, and he still eats his mince pie and drinks his sherry before wizzing round the world, he certainly wears more clothes these days and the startled look has mellowed with time. He has give the lobsters back their hands and gone for a more human look all round.

A merry Christmas to everyone. Hope this merry gentleman has done you proud. He has been very generous to us all this year although I'm sure the neighbours won't be happy about the guitar and the squeaky toys.

Sunday 23 December 2007

Christmas Presents

- by Chips

Our Christmas present to Joseph the horse was 2kg of carrots.

TJam forgot to put them away overnight.

We took him his one carrot this evening. He looked a little disappointed with just the one, but he was very gallent and ate it appreciatively.

Saturday 22 December 2007

Saturday Before Christmas

- by Carlsberg

This evening, I thought my luck was in. My very own Saturday Before Christmas dinner! Here I am considering whether to start with the wine, food or cracker...

... until I was ousted and the humans tucked into their Saturday Before Christmas dinner:

I had to make do with a brand supermarket Lamb in Gravy sachet. Not really comparable.

Friday 21 December 2007

Cold and Frosty Morning Part II

- by Beanz

I just love ice. Love it!

Thursday 20 December 2007

Training Christmas Party

- by Beanz

Today we had my Christmas party. I did very well. First we had the Fancy Dress. Noah won.

... and I came second, dressed as a Heinz Baked Bean in tomato sauce.

Then we did our tricks. Archie won with his "collecting the shopping, putting it in the shopping basket and carrying the basket" routine...

and I came second with my rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas plus a little dance.
Then we had fastest recall and musical sit. And I WON THEM BOTH!! I enjoyed myself so much and TJam says I am now worth every penny of the £60 she forked out for me at the dogs home. I won her a packet of chocolate buttons and lots of things for me. Thank you Gail!
Then we had musical chairs. I was first. First out. I had to sit and watch from the side. Disgraced.
You can see Lucy making a bid for glory. I can only look on, forlorn.
Trixie came in her Christmas gear...
... and so did Tacu ...

... and Coral.

Henry's fancy dress made us laugh, but he didn't mind.

Other joiners in of Reindeer games were Holly...

... Angus ...

... and Milly.

Asbo was also there but my photo of her didn't come out well. Sorry! Blame the photographer.

Wednesday 19 December 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa
Please would you bring me a new paper bag to play in? My one is getting a bit torn.
I have been good all year.
Love from

Tuesday 18 December 2007


- by TJam

You will never believe what has turned up. Remember the disaster week with the phone and the cat and and and... ?

Well, I got a phone call yesterday and through the post today came MY MOBILE PHONE. What a story it has to tell, I'm sure. Maybe it should become a contributer to this blog.

I'm off to order a bunch of flowers for the finder. Restores your faith in the human race.

Sunday 16 December 2007

Ice Skating

- by Chips

Today the humans went ice skating. It has been about 15 years since they last went. Just like riding a bike, only colder and wetter and more laughing. They weren't great but there were no terrible falls and no broken bones.

The sign at the side of the rink said, "No dogs on the ice, except assistance dogs".

I wonder which part of their training includes ice skating. Those assistance dogs are cleverer than I thought.

Saturday 15 December 2007

My Dog Ate my Homework

- by TJam I have a nasty Christmas card related injury. So if you don't get a Chrismas card from me, this is why. I am being very brave about it but A&E are on standby.

Friday 14 December 2007

Cold and Frosty Morning

- by Beanz

This morning it was cold and frosty so I had to do everything at 100 miles an hour and 6 inches off the ground.

Lovely Fire

- by Carlsberg Mmmm we have got a lovely fire and it is just perfect for my bald spot.

Beanz came home from class yesterday with a medal on. It was from her teacher. TJam had tried to take a picture to put here but she is rubbish at taking photos and it was all blurry. She did look smart though.

Thursday 13 December 2007

Thoroughly Modern

- by TJam
Carlsberg is doing much better but her ex-stitches are itching. Here is her bald patch and you can see teeth marks in her thigh from "the bite".

This evening, Silky took me for my hair cut to Mr Noir, her hairdresser. Luckily I am not that shy. I asked for his advice, and he told me I needed to go modern because my hair was so old-fashioned. So he whipped out his razor and chopped the whole lot off. Call me Britney (only not as well paid, obviously). He then announced to the shop what a lovely cut it was and made everybody look. It is different, but there's no denying, he's a wizz with the razor.

My ears are cold and I need to buy some hats.


Monday 10 December 2007

Can I go out?

- by Carlsberg

My stitches are out and I didn't have any antibiotics today. I'd like to go outside now please.

(Carlsberg, it is freezing and you are half bald. I think it is best if you stay in for a while - TJam.

PS you are grounded. And thank goodness for insurance. Apparently this bill went into 4 figures fairly early on in the game. Wonder if it will cover the cost of fencing you into the back garden...)

Saturday 1 December 2007

Golden Girl

- by Beanz

If I look like I'm not concentrating in this photo, it's because I'm EXHAUSTED from my 2 hour test. It was worth it though, because I am now a Kennel Club Gold Citizen! Who would have thought it? Luckily, there was not a squirrel chasing section, or I might not have passed. Hooray for me.