Monday, 31 December 2007

2007 Index

In January it was very quiet. We tried a new agility class and Beanz caught a stray sheep but didn't hurt it. In fact, Beanz did a lot of chasing. TJam's teddy wrote to his makers and Chips ate a chilli. Ann and Ron got Benny.

In February TJam took up knitting, Chips ate lots of things and Uncle Gardener turned 70.

In March, Flat Stanley came to stay and someone stole the dog food off our drive.

In April, Chips survived chocolate poisoning (with the help of diazepam) and TJam took some photos at dog training.

In May, TJam ordered a new wardrobe.

In June, the wardrobe arrived. Chips got her silver Kennel Club Citizenship and ate 5 fatballs. Our friend Barney turned 16.

The month of July saw the rediscovery of Pipkin, TJam got new bras and touched a toad. Carlsberg dropped a mouse on the bed and it ran on TJam's face. Beanz hurt her leg and TJam got a new hoover.

In August, we went on Pin and Huddersfield Town's new decking and then we went camping. Fliptop's cat had kittens and TJam ate 1-year-old margarine. TJam also took up photography and accidentally ate some icecream.

In September we went to London and met the queen cousin Xaja.

In October Chips and Beanz ate and chased doggie things, we dirtied Pin's cream coat and learnt how to put video on our blog (squirrel chasing and cat cartoon).

In November, Carlsberg was very very poorly We re-ran the mars bar video for old time's sake.

In December, Carlsberg got better, the humans went skating, Beanz got her Gold Citizen and went to the dog training Christmas party, and we had lots of Christmas celebrations.

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