Saturday, 15 December 2007

My Dog Ate my Homework

- by TJam I have a nasty Christmas card related injury. So if you don't get a Chrismas card from me, this is why. I am being very brave about it but A&E are on standby.


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh my dog, is that a paper cut.........

they are the worst ever!

I can accept the fact of non reciept of Christmas Card from you, but not the fact you have a paper cut!

love and healing licks, Marvin xxxxxxxxx

Randi said...

Hi Beanz, Chips, Carlsberg & Tasmin!

Beanz & Chips - WE ALL LOOK ALIKE! Whats that word? Dopaganger? But luckily the big man (or dog) upstairs didn't make us all the same size, otherwise one year ago you'd have been 120 pounds & a big fatso! Luckily, I've lost 30 pounds & now living a healither life! We have to get a pic (photoshopped - unless you know of any cheap tickets across the Atlantic) of all of us together! Marvin too! Isn't he just wonderful!

I'm gonna link you to my bloggy...& you were quite the little hooligan with the settee, weren't you? A HA HA HA HA!!! LOVE IT!

Love & Licks,

PS...I'm sorry to hear Jump the Dog isn't with you anymore...I lost my big brother in March...its still hard...

Beanz said...

Marvin: Tamsin is being very brave about it. I will lick it for her so it doesn't need a bandage.

Randi: great you called by. You are looking in very good shape. Tamsin is mean with my food so I have to supplement my diet with settees and horse poo.

Sorry about your brother. I hope your website helps a little. Tamsin says I would have been terrorised by Jump.

A montage of our pics would be great. The fab black dog club. My friend Nero could be on it. That's Italian for black (sorry if you already knew that. I didn't).

Kerrio said...

I have a wolfhound standing by to lick the injury better.

He likes to do that.

It's an ineresting experience... tust me!

Chips said...

Tamsin says she would like that one day.