Wednesday 26 October 2005


Why? Because next door's cat is sleeping in our garden and Carlsberg is too scared to go out. We have resorted to cracking open her litter tray. A backward step in my opinion but at least while she is in she's not getting run over. And not catching mice to bring home. Perhaps she will even get down to the job of catching the one living under the kitchen sink. She hasn't shown much interest so far.

Saturday 22 October 2005


TJam and the dogs went down to the London area to visit family. They had a very lovely time. They drive in the dogmobile was good too. How lucky we are. Silky and her son called in to keep an eye on Carlsberg, who kept them entertained. They were less entertained, however, by her pooing in the dogs' bed. Why?

Saturday 15 October 2005


XT500 and TJam went to see Wigan play against Newcastle. It was a fantastic atmosphere and Wigan beat Newcastle 1-0. On the way back a minibus full of drunken Newcastle fans were intimidating and threw a can of beer at XT and TJam. Although they will never read this, I hope their mothers are proud of them. They were surely great ambassadors for Newcastle. Wigan were fab.

Friday 14 October 2005

Mars Bar Mystery

Yesterday, XT500 had a multi-pack of 8 mars bars in his room. When the humans came back from being out, there were 6 mars bars left. They scratched their heads and wondered where the mars bars had gone. The cat's bowl was also licked clean. 

A mystery. 

Surveillance was needed. 

Watch this to find out what really happened. It's 3.43Mb and in TJam's opinion, is worth the wait. It's all true.

Tuesday 11 October 2005


Our friend XT500 has come to stay.

Saturday 8 October 2005

Sheep in a Bog

Hands up who has ever waded into a stinking bog up to their knees to drag out a sheep by the scruff of its neck. That's another experience for TJam to add to the list.

A gang of 4 sheep had made a break from their field into the woods where we walk. By the time the Beanz and I had given chase, TJam had realised what was going on and said a quick prayer to the patron saint of keeping dogs safe from farmers with guns, one of the sheep had broken away and taken refuge in the bog. Probably not on purpose.

Once caught, the Beanz and I stood watching from the side (tied to a tree) while TJam waded into the thick black sludge up to her knees, grabbed the sheep by the scruff of the neck and dragged it to the edge. Once it had found its footing, the sheep left the scene dirty but  apparently unscathed and headed off in the direction of its friends.

TJam's trip to the café was a little smellier than usual and we all had to sit very much outside.