Thursday 29 April 2004


TJam has been working in the garden. Carlsberg managed to find a little place to sleep.

Sunday 25 April 2004


Today we bought a tent. We will be camping any time soon! I can't wait. We are going camping!!

I wonder what camping is.

Monday 19 April 2004

Narrow Escape

Today I had a very lucky escape when I only half succeeded in jumping over a barbed wire fence (to eat more fertilizer) and ended up hanging over said fence. I managed to get off and only lost a tuft of hair. Not a scratch on me! I don't know why the humans are making such a fuss.

Sunday 18 April 2004


The farmer has fertilised his fields with chicken manure. I am delighted. I have eaten most of it and then thrown it up in the house. I am very popular.

Tuesday 13 April 2004

Near Driving Lesson

It was Fliptop's 17th birthday today. We had arranged for her to have a surprise driving lesson (had the camera ready and everything). 10 minutes before the lesson, the school car broke down and had to go into the garage, so poor Fliptop will have to wait til she goes home to get driving... TJam and Fliptop ate the last of the Easter nests Fliptop made. 

Then they did some gardening. 

We dropped FT off at the station and then I went to my first agility lesson. At first I was not that keen on the tunnel, but once TJam hid a few treats in there I was more than happy to oblige. It was fun! When the lesson was over, I ran through the tunnel just for the hell of it.

Sunday 11 April 2004

Good Friday Stalls

We went up a big hill with Fliptop. There is a tradition of having stalls up there on the hill on Good Friday. The humans had candy floss.

Friday 9 April 2004

Easter Chocolate

TJam and Fliptop spent all of Easter Day eating chocolate and going on the dance mat.

Thursday 8 April 2004


Fliptop is staying with us! 

She got the train up to Wigan this evening. We welcomed her enthusiastically.