Monday 29 March 2004

Plan B

We went to the allotment today but someone had broken in and stolen our forks. So we just fixed the fence.

Sunday 21 March 2004

Construction Matters

We have been to stay at Bamgee's for the weekend. It was so windy that a fence panel blew out of the fence while we were gone. Our neighbour has put it back. Oh, Boy Wonder, if you are wondering, they have started building the house on the corner plot. The first floor is nearly finished. And next door are selling up. It is nothing to do with us barking. We will swear to that in court if we have to.

Wednesday 17 March 2004

Calming Signals

Watch out world. TJam and Nersospal went to a dog talk this evening. It was by Sheila Harper who looks at how us dogs cope with stress and how humans need to look out for early stress signals so that we don't have to resort to biting to let people know we are serious. 

TJam thinks it particularly applies to me when I bark at other dogs when I'm on the lead. The woman does some courses so we might go on one.

Wednesday 10 March 2004

Flying Visit

This evening, TJam drove over to Leeds to meet her friend Chatter who was in Leeds for the evening. They had a hilarious time, although too short. Chatter runs an American Therapy Camp and was doing a whistlestop tour of the UK to promote her software. That's why the get together was so short. There was no lack of quality though!

Thursday 4 March 2004

Big Walk

The dogs set off on their walk today blissfully unaware that they were going up to that tiny peak at the top!

They went with Nerospal and Nero

Up the steps...

 and up and up....

past the tower...

and right to the very top!
What a view!

In the evening Chips was dragged to dog training. She is having fewer bad sessions than good sessions these days. She managed a send away and a retrieve. First time she has been able to get over her stress and concentrate properly. TJam was proud of her. We all are.