Monday 31 December 2007

2007 Index

In January it was very quiet. We tried a new agility class and Beanz caught a stray sheep but didn't hurt it. In fact, Beanz did a lot of chasing. TJam's teddy wrote to his makers and Chips ate a chilli. Ann and Ron got Benny.

In February TJam took up knitting, Chips ate lots of things and Uncle Gardener turned 70.

In March, Flat Stanley came to stay and someone stole the dog food off our drive.

In April, Chips survived chocolate poisoning (with the help of diazepam) and TJam took some photos at dog training.

In May, TJam ordered a new wardrobe.

In June, the wardrobe arrived. Chips got her silver Kennel Club Citizenship and ate 5 fatballs. Our friend Barney turned 16.

The month of July saw the rediscovery of Pipkin, TJam got new bras and touched a toad. Carlsberg dropped a mouse on the bed and it ran on TJam's face. Beanz hurt her leg and TJam got a new hoover.

In August, we went on Pin and Huddersfield Town's new decking and then we went camping. Fliptop's cat had kittens and TJam ate 1-year-old margarine. TJam also took up photography and accidentally ate some icecream.

In September we went to London and met the queen cousin Xaja.

In October Chips and Beanz ate and chased doggie things, we dirtied Pin's cream coat and learnt how to put video on our blog (squirrel chasing and cat cartoon).

In November, Carlsberg was very very poorly We re-ran the mars bar video for old time's sake.

In December, Carlsberg got better, the humans went skating, Beanz got her Gold Citizen and went to the dog training Christmas party, and we had lots of Christmas celebrations.


- by Chips

Just wanted to sneak a last bin raider photo in before the end of the year. A beauty, even though I say so myself, a fine example of an overnight project.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday 30 December 2007

Christmas Games

- by Beanz

I have had a good play with my new Father Christmas...
... and Chips has given the snowman a run for his money...

... and now I'm exhausted.

See you all in the new year!


Tuesday 25 December 2007

Father Christmas 33 years on

- by TJamThe Old Chap seems to have come a little way in terms of image since 1974. Although he still keeps young children (and me) awake at night with excitement, and he still eats his mince pie and drinks his sherry before wizzing round the world, he certainly wears more clothes these days and the startled look has mellowed with time. He has give the lobsters back their hands and gone for a more human look all round.

A merry Christmas to everyone. Hope this merry gentleman has done you proud. He has been very generous to us all this year although I'm sure the neighbours won't be happy about the guitar and the squeaky toys.

Sunday 23 December 2007

Christmas Presents

- by Chips

Our Christmas present to Joseph the horse was 2kg of carrots.

TJam forgot to put them away overnight.

We took him his one carrot this evening. He looked a little disappointed with just the one, but he was very gallent and ate it appreciatively.

Saturday 22 December 2007

Saturday Before Christmas

- by Carlsberg

This evening, I thought my luck was in. My very own Saturday Before Christmas dinner! Here I am considering whether to start with the wine, food or cracker...

... until I was ousted and the humans tucked into their Saturday Before Christmas dinner:

I had to make do with a brand supermarket Lamb in Gravy sachet. Not really comparable.

Friday 21 December 2007

Cold and Frosty Morning Part II

- by Beanz

I just love ice. Love it!

Thursday 20 December 2007

Training Christmas Party

- by Beanz

Today we had my Christmas party. I did very well. First we had the Fancy Dress. Noah won.

... and I came second, dressed as a Heinz Baked Bean in tomato sauce.

Then we did our tricks. Archie won with his "collecting the shopping, putting it in the shopping basket and carrying the basket" routine...

and I came second with my rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas plus a little dance.
Then we had fastest recall and musical sit. And I WON THEM BOTH!! I enjoyed myself so much and TJam says I am now worth every penny of the £60 she forked out for me at the dogs home. I won her a packet of chocolate buttons and lots of things for me. Thank you Gail!
Then we had musical chairs. I was first. First out. I had to sit and watch from the side. Disgraced.
You can see Lucy making a bid for glory. I can only look on, forlorn.
Trixie came in her Christmas gear...
... and so did Tacu ...

... and Coral.

Henry's fancy dress made us laugh, but he didn't mind.

Other joiners in of Reindeer games were Holly...

... Angus ...

... and Milly.

Asbo was also there but my photo of her didn't come out well. Sorry! Blame the photographer.

Wednesday 19 December 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa
Please would you bring me a new paper bag to play in? My one is getting a bit torn.
I have been good all year.
Love from

Tuesday 18 December 2007


- by TJam

You will never believe what has turned up. Remember the disaster week with the phone and the cat and and and... ?

Well, I got a phone call yesterday and through the post today came MY MOBILE PHONE. What a story it has to tell, I'm sure. Maybe it should become a contributer to this blog.

I'm off to order a bunch of flowers for the finder. Restores your faith in the human race.

Sunday 16 December 2007

Ice Skating

- by Chips

Today the humans went ice skating. It has been about 15 years since they last went. Just like riding a bike, only colder and wetter and more laughing. They weren't great but there were no terrible falls and no broken bones.

The sign at the side of the rink said, "No dogs on the ice, except assistance dogs".

I wonder which part of their training includes ice skating. Those assistance dogs are cleverer than I thought.

Saturday 15 December 2007

My Dog Ate my Homework

- by TJam I have a nasty Christmas card related injury. So if you don't get a Chrismas card from me, this is why. I am being very brave about it but A&E are on standby.

Friday 14 December 2007

Cold and Frosty Morning

- by Beanz

This morning it was cold and frosty so I had to do everything at 100 miles an hour and 6 inches off the ground.

Lovely Fire

- by Carlsberg Mmmm we have got a lovely fire and it is just perfect for my bald spot.

Beanz came home from class yesterday with a medal on. It was from her teacher. TJam had tried to take a picture to put here but she is rubbish at taking photos and it was all blurry. She did look smart though.

Thursday 13 December 2007

Thoroughly Modern

- by TJam
Carlsberg is doing much better but her ex-stitches are itching. Here is her bald patch and you can see teeth marks in her thigh from "the bite".

This evening, Silky took me for my hair cut to Mr Noir, her hairdresser. Luckily I am not that shy. I asked for his advice, and he told me I needed to go modern because my hair was so old-fashioned. So he whipped out his razor and chopped the whole lot off. Call me Britney (only not as well paid, obviously). He then announced to the shop what a lovely cut it was and made everybody look. It is different, but there's no denying, he's a wizz with the razor.

My ears are cold and I need to buy some hats.


Monday 10 December 2007

Can I go out?

- by Carlsberg

My stitches are out and I didn't have any antibiotics today. I'd like to go outside now please.

(Carlsberg, it is freezing and you are half bald. I think it is best if you stay in for a while - TJam.

PS you are grounded. And thank goodness for insurance. Apparently this bill went into 4 figures fairly early on in the game. Wonder if it will cover the cost of fencing you into the back garden...)

Saturday 1 December 2007

Golden Girl

- by Beanz

If I look like I'm not concentrating in this photo, it's because I'm EXHAUSTED from my 2 hour test. It was worth it though, because I am now a Kennel Club Gold Citizen! Who would have thought it? Luckily, there was not a squirrel chasing section, or I might not have passed. Hooray for me.

Friday 30 November 2007

Honey I'm HOME!

- by Carlsberg TJam came to Petmedics today to collect me. I jumped into my box pretty quickly, I can tell you. I am not too keen on my lampshade collar, but I am glad to be home. I have adopted the dog bed, and nurse Beanz and Dr Chips are taking it in turns to watch over me. From the floor.

I have got two sets of stitches in my belly and I'm a bit sore. TJam had a look on the computer screen when the nurse went out of the room. It says my prognosis is better but I have a lot of infection. Thank you to everyone who has asked after me.

And now, back to lounging around on the settee in front of the telly.

Tuesday 27 November 2007

Under the Radar

- by Chips

What with all this hoo har with the cat (who is bright and walking around and expected home by the end of the week), I think my little "going through the compost bag to pick out any apple or carrot related goodies" has slipped under the radar. Yipee.

Monday 26 November 2007

Carlsberg Update 2

- by TJam

Long term fans (hahahhaa) of will remember the incident when we thought Carlsberg had been shot, but in fact, she had a terrible abscess (and then went missing and Beanz found her under a car etc etc).

I have just got off the phone from the vet. It seems that our Carlsberg was not hit by a car at all, but has (you guessed it) a massive abscess. Another bite to the back and gravity took its toll. She has drains in and they will phone me tomorrow to give me an update. If they can beat the infection, things are looking a lot more hopeful. I might start writing my Christmas cards afterall.
I am thinking about caging in our back garden. I'm not sure I can go through this again. At least not until next door's ginger tom has moved on.

Carlsberg Update

Carlsberg is on her way to theatre now. Make or break.

I was a little concerned when I was told "he" was on his way to theatre. I would have thought sexing a cat was fairly early on in vet school training.

Then I realised it was the receptionist I spoke to. As long as she is not doing the op, I don't feel so worried. Although how anyone could think Carlsberg is a boy's name, I don't know.

Sunday 25 November 2007

An Unhumerous Update

- by TJam

Last week, I had an exciting day in London. I took pics on my fab new phone (cheers Abz) and wanted time to blog properly and share my experience of being IN THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT and my trip round London, and the pigeons and and and...

But things caught up with me and it has been planning and photocopying and emailing, and I wanted to wait til I had time. We had our fab weekend this weekend and I wanted to write about that too.

But now my phone (and photos) have gone into the vortex. Disappeared. It was in my pocket. Then it wasn't in my pocket. Nowhere to be found. And it was set to silent so I can't even ring it. So if I owe you a text, sorry. And I probably don't have your number backed up anywhere cos Father Christmas was going to bring me a sim card backup thing but now it's too late.

But worse than that, I have just taken little Carlsberg to the cat hospital. She went missing a week ago. We put word out and searched for her, but no sign. And when we got home this evening she was home but very very wobbly and uncomfortable. Long story short, she has been hit by a car and is having "critical care" (according to my bill. Thank goodness for insurance). I don't know how she got home because now she can't even stand, let alone walk. Hopefully her diaphragm isn't ruptured, but her abdominal wall is, and her bladder is where it is not meant to be (on the outside of the abdominal wall). The only upside is that her skin is intact so at least she is "sterile". I think this is a good thing.

True to character, dispite the fact she doesn't even feel like lifting her head, Carls has not been too co-operative with the x-rays and the first set are too blurry. They are going to do some more, and some other vetinary stuff which will hopefully include surgery if they think they can do anything, and then phone us back.

I know I have started every sentence with "and" and "but" and other conjunctions. I have done it on purpose for effect. And anyway, I don't care what the grammar facists say. I've got more important things to worry about.

Carlsberg, we hope you are not on life 10. We hate it when you bring home mice and birds and rabbits. We are not keen on the 6am wake up calls or stalking up and down the bed headboard at 3am. But we love you very much so bloomin well get better. Plus you are this year's Christmas Card. So you HAVE to pull through. I have already posted one out.

Monday 12 November 2007

Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

-by TJam
All day long I was humming to myself, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." as I imagined the scene: Me, in front of a roaring fire, loyal dogs sleeping by my slippered feet, chestnuts roasting in the chestnut roaster. Mmmmm. That's the life.
When I got home, I found that in fact, while the fire was still on, the chestnuts were most definitely off, but dog poo on the floor overnight was probably on.

Friday 9 November 2007

Not Recommended

- by TJam

It is not recommended to drop ripe avocado and salad dressing on the floor and think to yourself, "The dog will come and clear that up," then leave it, then go back to the kitchen, forget you dropped it, step in it and continue on your merry way.

Thursday 8 November 2007

Stair Gate = Closed

-by Chips

While TJam was working on the computer, I just boldly went up the stairs. Yup, just like that! I know I'm not supposed to but the cat food was calling me, and I just had to answer.

It reminded us of the Mars episode, which was 2 years ago and you can watch again here:

Perhaps it is autumn that makes me so hungry.

Anyway, the stair gate is now CLOSED.



(PS TJam is aware of the danger of dogs eating chocolate and you should not try eating Mars Bars if you are a dog. I got away with it this time but DOGS SHOULD NOT EAT CHOCOLATE. If you need the proof, remember this)

Sunday 4 November 2007

Fathers' Fist Fight

- by Beanz

Today, as we were out for our walk, we went past the Sunday morning lads' football match. And as we walked past, one of the fathers* (possibly also a linesman but we arrived too late to see what he was doing before the incident) dealt one of the other fathers serveral blows to the head.

This was all we saw because they were then surrounded by lots of wives** screaming, "STOP!" and to the soundtrack of coaches and refs bellowing, "Come AWAY lads."

What an excellent example to set to your sons on a Sunday morning. After all, it's all in the sportsmanship and all that really matters is a good clean game. How lucky that these men were there to point that out.

There were enough people there to sort it out, so we just moved along. There was nothing to see there.

* Of course, they may not have been fathers, they could have been uncles, dads' partners, step fathers or any other manner of male. The term "father" has been used for alliteration purposes. And brevity.

** Of course, they may not have wives. They may have been any other related female. Or football loving passer-by.

Saturday 3 November 2007

Daddy or Chips?

Today I have faced a moral dilemma of similiar proportion to the Daddy or chips debate.

Happy Saturday before Bonfire Night by the way.

I had planned an evening of You've Been Framed (Best of), Strictly Come Dancing, Robin of Sherwood and Casualty, full volume, accompanied by a loud, random selection of my 20 year span music collection. This (so the plan went) would drown out the fireworks and prevent the pacing, drooling and trying to get under the sofa. I made doubly sure by running a load of whites on 40 degrees and the dishwasher on economical. It was to be made bearable by a nice cold beer. Perfect.

Dogs walked in daylight, we got in at dusk as the first fireworks started. I prepared to drain the national grid.


I hadn't got the beer in.

Leave dogs to freak out alone or forego the beer?

Boy oh boy, I must really really love those dogs.

Thursday 1 November 2007

Me Me Me

- by Carlsberg
I hereby hijack this blog. Because I am so cute and photogenic.

It's all about ME! (To be sung to the tune of McFly)

Wednesday 31 October 2007

New Favourite Place

- by Carlsberg
I have a new favourite place.

Candid Camera

- by Carlsberg

Someone sent us this. At first, TJam thought someone had secretly filmed her bedroom and then recreated the scene, using a man as the supporting character to protect her identity.

And there was me thinking that she didn't know about the baseball bat...

In Disgrace

- by Chips

There are a couple of behaviours TJam will not tolerate. Jumping up is one of them. Unfortunately, we meet a few too many people who joyfully call out, "It's ok! I don't mind!" and then give us a biscuit, thus support our view point that jumping up is very lucrative indeed.

I digress.

Last night, TJam and her friend Pin, were going out for dinner. Pin called round before they went out so they could travel together. Pin was wearing a coat not dissimilar to this one:

She had had to wear this coat because she didn't have another to match her cream trousers and cream blouse.

Can you see where this is going yet?

So, having been suitably walked so we would relax for the evening, Beanz and I greeted Pin in a doggy way. I went for the hip height area and as Pin bent over to protect herself greet us because we are so great, and Beanz went for the full "put front paws on arm in order to gain height for full face dog snog".

The following is an artist's impression of the coat post-greeting.

Pin didn't have another cream coat to match her cream trousers and cream blouse, so she had to go home and change her whole outfit.

She should wear dark brown.

I hope our clicker teacher doesn't read this.

I think it is a waste to spend my pocket money on dry cleaning.

Monday 29 October 2007

Proud of Ourselves

- by TJam

Well, kind of. Below is our first example of video on our blog. It was supposed to show Beanz chasing squirrels.

Ok, so all you actually see is her running off.

There was some great footage of her trying to climb a tree. Unfortunately, I didn't press "start" til I thought I was pressing,"stop" so all I actually filmed was the side of my leg.

So, anyway, here is a beautiful view we saw this weekend. Does it get any better than this?


-by Beanz

Darn squirrels and their pesky squirrelly ways. They torment me with their hopping out of reach chattering and their jumping from branch to branch.

Monday 22 October 2007

Hooray for the Rugby Club

- by Chips

Hooray for the Rugby Club. They must have had a party at the weekend. They must have had too much curry and rice. They put it out in a nice black bin bag.

See how orange it was. And so very delicious.


- by Carlsberg

This weekend, my family deserted me and went down to visit the human family.

TJam, Bamgee and Bamgee's mum went to London to see Billy Elliot. TJam is not a theatre goer by nature, but she thought it was marvellous. So much so that she was tempted to just let it all out and start DANCING herself, then and there in the theatre. Luckily, she was saved from herself by a warning sign that said,

"The following activities are prohibited:


So they will have to sue their entire cast.

The following day, TJam helped Mum prepare a vegan tea for all the family (I'm sure they were thrilled). The sandwiches went down well and so did the chocolate cake. Fliptop helped lick the scraper (see pic).

The dogs did not eat cousin Xaja, although Beanz had a little lick.

Nerospal came to feed me and check I was alright, and I stayed away Sunday to make my indignation known. This evening I returned to cries of delight. I even brought them a worm. Gotta love my cat ways.

Monday 15 October 2007

Post weekend

-by Beanz

Photo not approved.

I love it after the weekend, when all those rugby fans and weekend walkers come into my world of long grass and woods. I love it when they enjoy the pleasures of, ahem, having a poo al fresco. There is nothing as liberating.

I love following the scent and eating as much of it as possible. I enjoy the thrill of the chase as TJam runs up screaming behind me but never catches me. I laugh as she cries, "Come here, there's a good girl, I'm not cross with you" because body language doesn't lie and I am not stupid.

I do not like having my face wiped with long wet grass. I do not like walking on the lead when there is so much fun to be had.

I wish Harry Hill was there to say, "dirty boy" and make TJam laugh about it. She doesn't think it is funny at all.

Friday 5 October 2007

Imperfect Timing

Time it takes to run upstairs and eat cat food without getting caught - (2s upwards + 24s inhaling and swallowing + 2s to laugh at the cat + 3s running downstairs) = 31 seconds
Time it takes for TJam to put the bin out = 27seconds

Monday 1 October 2007


Opportunism (op-or-tune-izm) n The taking advantage of the short period of time that it takes for a human to exit the front door to clip the hedge, say to themselves, "Ooops, I didn't shut the stair gate" and return to the house to find a dog downstairs, tail wagging, to run up the stairs, raid the bin and eat 2 bowls of cat food and run down the stairs to play the complete innocent and not get found out until 2 hours later.

Yay for opportunism.

Technology II

It was the work mobile. The world didn't end.

In other technology news, my friend Meep has been asking me about subscribing to my feed. Yup, I didn't know what she was on about either. I had no plans to send sandwiches to the Midlands and I didn't know what else it could be.

Apparently you can get automatic updates of your friends' blogs. I'm not 100% sure how it works, but for those in the know, I think I have sorted out that link at the bottom of the sidebar that says, "Atom" and I think it should work. I've managed to subscribe to myself. I think. If you are in the know, please let me know if I've done it right. If you're not in the know (that's you mum, and you Bamgee), skip gayly onto the the next post. Skip along now!

Sunday 30 September 2007

My Mummy

That's mummy of the "it's a girl!" variety, not the Egyptian type.

My mummy is very good at making sandwiches and packed lunches.
She is also very good at making homegrown blackberry and apple crumble (but I didn't like the 3 small patches where the gravy had dripped down from the shepherd's pie).

My mummy is good at making shepherd's pie. She's good at making the washing smell nice.

She's good at a lot of things that are a lot more important than that, like being loving and stuff like that, but I'll tell her that in private. I just wanted to proclaim the sandwich thing publicly because she made a delicious marmite, lettuce and tomato baguette for my journey home. I could never have made one that nice.


Something is beeping from the corner of the room. It only goes off every hour or so and only peeps once, so there's no way of locating the sound. Something must be running out of battery and I have no way of knowing what it is.

Something vital will stop working and we can't prevent it. THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH AND THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT.


Visiting the Queen

- by Beanz

This weekend we went to London to visit the queen and frighten a little mouse under a chair.

Well, the humans did. Bamgee and TJam went to London to see some friends. They contributed to an art project. They coloured postcards and stuck them on a big wall with loads of other postcards.

post cards on the artists' wall The rest of the day they drank tea and ate loads of food. They saw the houses of parliament. They didn't frighten a little mouse under a chair. I don't think they saw the queen either.

lovely lovely fox poo Meanwhile, Chips and I chased London squirrels and rolled in London fox poo. It smells just as gorgeous as the Northern variety only it doesn't say its "t"s on the ends of words.

If you look closely you can see how I rubbed it all in my ears to make sure it lingered even longer.

TJam saw her little baby cousin. He was wearing the t-shirt she send him. It says, "Spit on that tissue and I'll call social services". It's not a joke either. He liked looking at us dogs and grabbing us. I wanted to lick him but I was not supposed to.

Friday 14 September 2007


Relief (rih-leef) n Feeling experienced when you think you have stepped on a slug, but the thing that you pick off your sock is actually a chunk of uncooked beetroot that the dog has been throwing around the house the night before.

Tuesday 4 September 2007


- by Beanz

We are now freecycle converts. It's just like putting an advert on the Spar notice board but it doesn't cost 50p. For the uninitiated, Freecycle is where you join a local group (which really is an email group so you don't even have to get up from in front of your computer). Then if people are getting rid of anything or on the look out for anything, they post a message. If someone wants or has the item, they email you. Then you arrange collection/pickup. Fab. We have got rid of a babygate (no match for Chips) and some glass paints.

I have double checked and you are not allowed to offer naughty dogs on there.

Saturday 1 September 2007


- by Beanz

Apparently there is a name for what we dogs do. This is not "laying on your back with your legs flailing". It is "roaching". These dogs say so.

Now it is official I will do it all the more.

Friday 31 August 2007

Two Reasons to be Happy 2007

- by TJam

1. When my trolley (and 2 packs of laminate flooring) rolled away of its own accord in the DIY shop's car park, it did not get very far before I noticed and it did not hit the oncoming car.

2. Someone invented the "hold down" button and automatic cut-off device on the electric saw. So, when I fell off the workbench whilst operating said electric saw, I didn't cut my own hand or leg off. I just swore and bent the blade, so I think I got off very lightly.

Wednesday 29 August 2007

Two Secrets about Squirrels

- by Beanz

1. Squirrels have a turbo gear. If you touch one that is already running fast, it will switch to warp speed.

2. Squirrels can fly. I know because we saw it today. I ran into a bush after a squirrel and it FLEW out of the bush. TJam thought it was a bird, it was that impressive. Then it realised that it was being watched and it went back on the ground again.

Tuesday 28 August 2007

Two Reasons to be Sad - 1975

- by Chips

While us dogs lie under piles of junk that TJam is trying to sort out, we happened across this piece of literary and philosophical genius from December 1974.

Translation: There are two reasons to be sad. From TJam.
One is that I have hurt my toe
The next thing that I am sad that I am not having kippers. From TJam.

Seems that TJam didn't look on the bright side in those days. The concerned few amongst you will be glad to know that her toe has healed and that she is now happy not to eat kippers (mostly, although she does miss that smokey, kippery taste on a Sunday evening...)

Sunday 26 August 2007

Vegan Crisis

- by Beanz

Yesterday, TJam went to the newish health food place which has lots of weird, I mean alternative food for vegans. TJam saw some Rum and Coconut Ice Cream in the freezer section and she bought it.

TJam sat out on the decking and ate some of the ice cream. She said it was delicious and reminded her of something, but she couldn't put her finger on what. Must have been some distant childhood memory. In any case, she had Rum and Coconut Ice Cream for vegans and that was just too good to be true.

So, today, TJam had some more of that icecream. As she sat there she said, "Mmm Mini milks. This tastes like a bit like mini milks."

"I wonder what was in mini milks that is in this vegan icecream" she said.

So she looked at the ingredients.

Know what the secret ingredient was? MILK. 50% full fat milk. With added skimmed milk powder and some egg. No wonder it tasted so darned milky.

She thought about milk sloshing around in a cow's mammary glands, and getting squirted out of a cow's nipples. She asked herself why it is less disgusting to drink cow's milk than human milk, and why we don't have a human section in the supermarket refrigerator. She quickly reminded herself that the vomit reflex is controlled by the brain and not the stomach, so she needed to sort her brain out and FAST. So she did.

Turns out she imagined the "dairy free" label on the packet, and Rum and Coconut ice cream for vegans is, actually, too good to be true.

Heaven - by Chips

In today's spirit of photography, I submit my piece.

Gratuitous Photography

It's not that I haven't got anything else to do, just that I get distracted. I like to think of it as following every lead. Anyway, I was searching a subscription to Dogs Today magazine and I had a look at their referal stats (in an un-geek-like way) and saw an interesting blog name, which took me into to the hitherto unexplored blogoshpere. And the blog with the interesting name turned out to be pretty inspirational in many ways, and the reason everyone now has spy names and not their real names on this blog, but today's way in which it inspired me is photography. That is, people taking photos because they are interesting or beautiful, and not just to tell a story.

So, today's theme is photography. I clutched my Canon Powershot A520 and off we went for our morning walk. Here are the results. If you are a photography expert and these are rubbish, be so kind as to not tell me please. Thank you.

Chips in fern

I even managed a half decent pic of Beanz.
If you count looking like the Joker out of Batman as half decent.

Saturday 25 August 2007

Will she never learn?

- by Carlsberg

When I pull my best "I'm Not Interested" face, why does TJam insist on getting out my toy on a string and dangling it in front of me? Why does she think she is going to tempt me into a game when I am clearly Not In the Mood? Why does she pull that silly, optomistic face that says, "come on Carlsberg, you know you want to really"? I know what I want, and it isn't that.

It's pathetic.

And it is not the first time.

I'm going upstairs to eat my tea.

Friday 24 August 2007

Cola Cubes

Is it the cola that makes your mouth hurt, or the cube shape?

Thursday 23 August 2007

Birthday Butter

- by TJam

Well, actually it is Birthday Margarine but that would have spoilt the alliteration. Mrs Hockley would be proud of me.
Today it is happy birthday to my margarine whose best before date was 23.08.06. On 23.08.07 it was as good as new, and made a very nice breakfast.
This momentous occassion nearly didn't happen as the blissfullty unaware Bamgee made garlic butter about 2 weeks ago. Luckily I wrestled the last scrapings from her and saved them for this happy day. (The garlic bread was very nice, incidentally.)