Friday, 31 August 2007

Two Reasons to be Happy 2007

- by TJam

1. When my trolley (and 2 packs of laminate flooring) rolled away of its own accord in the DIY shop's car park, it did not get very far before I noticed and it did not hit the oncoming car.

2. Someone invented the "hold down" button and automatic cut-off device on the electric saw. So, when I fell off the workbench whilst operating said electric saw, I didn't cut my own hand or leg off. I just swore and bent the blade, so I think I got off very lightly.


Kerrio said...

Hello Chips & Beanz!

Thanks for stopping by Blogs from the Dogs... and yes - it's called roaching and black dogs ROCK!

Blond dogs are just... well.. blond. And we should know.

Anonymous said...

Your cause for happiness is very far reaching, I'm very happy too! M.