Tuesday 17 June 2008

Fairies are Real

- by Chips

We have the proof!

A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach. First of all, Beanz went running into what she thought was some water. It was some thick, muddy sand type stuff. She wasn't impressed.
Then, just as we were coming home, we found evidence of fairies. Look! They have left their little high-heeled footprints in the sand.

Monday 16 June 2008

Going cheap

This weekend we have mostly been doing this in the glorious sun:
In other news, we have been a bit lax posting recently. Firstly TJam's parents came to stay and then TJam hurt her eye for a bit (it is fine, she was just milking it) and then she just got lazy with the uploading photos thing. We've nipped her into action now though.

Anyway, at a school the other day, TJam was walking down this walkway, and someone said, "Look up!" And when she looked closely, TJam saw these two chicks who had been born in the hanging basket. We could not say it is a quiet part of the school, but the chicks did very well and have since, quite literally, flown the nest.

Ain't nature great?!

Friday 13 June 2008

Emergency Pants

- by TJam

emergency pants n spare pair of old and tatty pants that are purposely kept at the back of the cupboard in case you run out of good pants.

I had to dig into the back of the cupboard the other day. My mum had put my washing away for me (thank you Mum!) but unbeknownst to me had made use of the airing cupboard* so I thought I didn't have any good pants left.

Why don't we put a spare pair of good pants in the back of the cupboard. The kind that we don't mind getting run over in, in case the hospital staff see and judge us by our pants while they're fighting to save our life.

* airing cupboard n the place where the hot water tank is where people who can be bothered put clothes in between the time they spend on the washing line and going into the cupboard.
TJam: (shouted) "Have you seen my socks?"
Mum: (shouted back a bit annoyed) "They're in the airing cupboard"
(There may be an extra step in between the line and the cupboard called ironing**)

** ironing n doing the - pushing an electrically heated piece of metal over your crinkled clothes to get the crinkles out. Apparently.