Monday 1 October 2007


Opportunism (op-or-tune-izm) n The taking advantage of the short period of time that it takes for a human to exit the front door to clip the hedge, say to themselves, "Ooops, I didn't shut the stair gate" and return to the house to find a dog downstairs, tail wagging, to run up the stairs, raid the bin and eat 2 bowls of cat food and run down the stairs to play the complete innocent and not get found out until 2 hours later.

Yay for opportunism.


Anonymous said...

Having been assured that you wouldn't venture up the stairs while someone was in the house, I once left the gate open while I was in the shower and you took the opportunity then of cleaning Carlsberg's bowl for her, returning downstairs to greet me innocently when I was finished. You're incorrigible. Mum.

Chips said...

Perhaps i only won't venture up the stairs when Tamsin is in the house. I sneaked past A on the toilet once. She only saw a blur. Of course, she was compromised and I took full advantage.

Anonymous said...

Then I'll say it again, you're incorrigible! (and I had to look that up)