Tuesday, 4 September 2007


- by Beanz

We are now freecycle converts. It's just like putting an advert on the Spar notice board but it doesn't cost 50p. For the uninitiated, Freecycle is where you join a local group (which really is an email group so you don't even have to get up from in front of your computer). Then if people are getting rid of anything or on the look out for anything, they post a message. If someone wants or has the item, they email you. Then you arrange collection/pickup. Fab. We have got rid of a babygate (no match for Chips) and some glass paints.

I have double checked and you are not allowed to offer naughty dogs on there.

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Kerrio said...

Me too! I got rid of 50 big (and heavy) concrete slabs and did not need to lift a finger.

Very impressed!