Sunday, 6 April 2008

Heeling (most of the time)

- by Beanz

Today I have been mostly walking to heel and not getting lost.

Oh, apart from when we went past this field.
As TJ admired the scenery and took a photo (those are ponies in the field), I jumped the 2 foot wall which was a 6 foot drop on the other side. Knew my agility training would come in handy. Chips followed behind me, but TJ couldn't get in because of the barbed wire. So she went round the perimeter fence to find a way in where she would be able to get out again. Well, she got in ok but when she tried to lift Chips out she got stuck. Don't worry, she only got a small stab in the hand off the fence and her tenanus is up to date. In the end she had to give us a leg up over a wall and into the farmer's garden, then make a jump for it herself and run out via the farmer's drive. I don't think putting her hand over her face was much of a disguise but it was the best she could think of and hopefully nobody saw us.
Then I went back to heel and stayed there all day.

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Mack said...

OUCH! Thank goodness she's had her tetanus shot!