Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Funny Gulpy Thing

- by Beanz

Do any of you other dogs get this weird thing where you keep gulping really hard and then you HAVE TO get out and eat loads and loads and loads of grass like a thing possessed. You can't walk along or anything, you've just GOT TO eat grass. And if there is no grass, anything green and leafy will do (even raspberry leaves at a push). It has happened to me twice today.

Does it happen to you? What is it? Is there anything that makes it go away apart from eating grass. TJam is not that happy if I HAVE TO go out to eat something green at 3am.


Mack said...

hmmm. I like to eat lots of grass and puke. Are you still gulpy today?

Beanz said...

hi Mack
i'm not gulpy today thank you. I think it's gone for now.

I love grass usually but i don't usually puke, just eat it like a sheep. But this thing is different. I have to eat anything green and succulant.

It happens from time to time. Just one of those weird things I guess.

Hope you are having an ungulpy day

Drab said...

Our new mate Busby is fresh out of rescue, he's been in a while, he eats grass,trees, flowers, plants anything, we call him the lawnmower he can graze while running its fantastic to see!

Nancy & Sam