Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sing along now!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!
Oh I do like to be beside the sea!
- sung by Chips

This morning, it was chucking it down but TJ still made us all get in the van. Bamgee was soaked before we even started. Then, we drove to the seaside in the pouring rain. How very zen. Rain is not good nor bad. Rain just is.


So we got to the beach and the rain stopped. Hooray.
TJ posed with us. Note her new wellies. The others got a hole in them. Didn't last long.
It was still a bit windy and TJ took a not very flattering picture of me with my ears blowing up and with sand all over my nose. It made the humans laugh. Who am I to deny them their pleasure. They won't be laughing when TJ orders a new settee and I dig up the cushions.

Then we met Natty Noo and Roxy (person and dog) and Roxy ran rings round us.

Then we met Medders and Nice Nails (that's their spy names). Medders was friends with TJ when they were at school so they talked and talked and caught up. Meanwhile, us dogs walked along and sat around while the humans had tea and scones. We did get a few chips at lunch time though, so that was a special treat.

We had to come home in the end. We were asleep before TJ had shut the crate door in the van. There is load snoring coming from Beanz's box.

It was a good day. I love the sand and I love the sea. And I love my yellow ring.


Mack said...

Oh what fun you all must have had!
Looks like the perfect day to me!

Anonymous said...

see, that's the difference between us cats and you dogs. We do try to remain dignified at all times and a day in the rain with sea, wind and sand..well, all I can say is "yuk". Give me a soft warm carpet, behind glass, sleeping in a sunbeam anyday, but, hey, I'm glad you all had a good day, rain or no. love Dizzy

Mack said...

BTW, I noticed your steering wheel was on the WRONG side of the car!!!