Friday, 9 May 2008


- by Carlsberg

At the weekend, Bamgee and her sister came to visit. (Her spy name is Bready until she thinks of a better one.) Bready is a vociferous knitter. I have never known such a thrill. That wool! That gentle wiggle of the yarn. I was well in there. I moved so fast I was just a blur. It's my speed wobble.

When TJam used to knit, it was never this exciting. Perhaps it is the European Way that does it for me. Did you know knitting is bilingual? Apparently so.

PS Bready is knitting squares for Oxfam in this picture. If you want to knit for Oxfam, go and have a look at their website. I haven't linked to it. I'm a cat. I don't care for these things.


misssy m said...

Hello and that's for that wee link over there.

My cats have suddenly appeared at my monitor...they are trying to tell me something...something about a mouse?

Carlsberg said...

They are probably overexcited at the sight of all that lovely wool. It does crazy things to cats.

Thank you for commenting. TJam was always too shy to comment on your blog. Now her cover is blown!

Mack said...

Can I change my spy name?? Would you think of a new one for me Beanz or Carlsberg?

Thank ya.

misssy m said...

Carlsberg- no cover required- all species welcome over at the Missives!