Wednesday, 7 May 2008


- by Beanz

I swam today. Proper doggy swimming. Not puppy "stepped-out-too-far-into-the pond-and-couldn't-turn-round-so-had-to-doggy-paddle-to-the-other-side" swimming, but "boldy-stepped-out-into-the-same-pond-and-swam-to-the-other-side-without-choking" swimming.

I don't know who was proudest, me or TJam.


Drab said...

I'm not keen myself, i try to lift my legs as high as possible, i look like a prancing pony.
Sam just wades in, he's always on lead so if he would like to have a swim, he can't, well not till he's stopped eating westies!

Nancy x

Beanz said...

He could swim if your owner would go in too!