Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Clocks and Roaching

- by Beanz

Yesterday, TJam got a special lamp. It is supposed to help her wake up slowly and naturally so she is not such an old grump in the mornings. We'll see.

So last night, she set it all up to simulate the sunrise and a dawn chorus of chirpy little birdies.

All night long, every half hour, on the half hour, she excitedly woke up, looked at her clock/lamp and asked herself, "Is it time to wake up yet?"

and every half hour, on the hour, it wasn't time to wake up yet.

And then there was a power cut.

so by the time it was time to wake up yet, she was exhausted and non the wiser, as the clock/lamp had gone off, with there being no power and all.

She has set it again for tonight, with her phone as a backup. We'll let you know if she is sweetness and light tomorrow.

This evening, I have been roaching. To avoid offence, I want you to imagine that I am roaching for pure joy, and not because I have found a half crispy fox poo on the floor. Ignore what TJam says. I am not a dirt bag.


Mack said...

I bet somebody got a BATH!!

PS: I love TJam's accent!!!

Drab said...

I love rolling, smelly, sticky, dry, wet you name it, but avoid slugs they are a devil to get off and my mum retches while trying to remove the lumpy remains!

Nancy X

Beanz said...

Mack, I'm ashamed to say I missed my target but the good news is I didn't need a bath. Don't tell anyone though.

(TJam can't help her accent. At least she didn't swear!)

Nancy... a slug?! Wow, kudos to you. I bow in your presence.