Sunday, 3 April 2005


We have had a very quiet weekend. Beanz is proper poorly and just lays on her bed all the time. Her temperature is still 103F. TJam has to give her special food cos she doesn't want to eat, and she has to take water over to her. She has only wagged her tail twice all weekend (Beanz, not TJam). Once when our friend Nerospal came to visit (thank you for the present Nero. Beanz has shared with me!) and once when I came back from my walk to say hello. 

Meanwhile, I am healthy and being very well behaved on my walks now Beanz is not there to distract me. I can even walk past a dog in the street without barking. Go me.

I am cool and very well behaved

Bamgee phoned today. She is still in Brazil working very hard. She is coming for a visit at the end of April.

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