Friday, 1 April 2005

No April Fool

No time for April fools today. TJam went to pick Beanz up from doggie hospital today. She has been going off her food for a few days but 2 days ago, she refused to eat and could hardly walk, she was all stiff. It turned out she had a temperature of 105F and when antibiotics didn't work, she had to have a scan, where they found a "mass" and so then an operation to see if the mass was something dodgy she had eaten. It was only her spleen, so they sewed her back up and she had to stay in overnight. We all missed her. 

Poor Beanz

Anyway, she is home today but feeling very very sorry for herself. She has to go back tomorrow. 

A big thank you to everyone in the Beanz fan club who has texted to find out how she is doing.  And to Nicole and Helen, the vets. 

And to our insurance company.

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