Thursday 24 December 2009

Embarrassing Christmas Side Effect

by Carlsberg

Why would TJam be scrubbing the mini trampoline with disinfectant on Christmas Eve?

Oh, because I ate a bit of that long, tempting, irresistable piece of Christmas tree decoration and did not realise that what goes in must come out. Only, long pieces of glittery gold make a poo pretty hard to disengage. Friction, gravity and a 5 metre sprint from the sand pit, through the catflap to the mini trampoline were what was required to remove the begger.

As they (almost) say in the Young Ones: Dirty Trampoline, Clean Bottom!

Merry Christmas everyone. Don't eat any decorations. At least not when anyone's looking

Love Carlsberg
Signing Out for 2009!


Life With Dogs said...

ROFL! Very good advice!

Happy holidays!

Drab said...

Good Advice.....Just too late!
How tantilising that Lametta stuff is, unfortunately i was seen and had it yanked back out of my mouth and back up my gullet!
Fairy lights why do i need to try and chew them why why why?
What fun Christmas tree's are they should be up all year round, it's my first Christmas.

(adopted sibling of Nancy & Sam)

Beanz said...

LWD: hello! happy holidays to you too!

Patches!! well done on getting adopted :) I knew you would! We can give you tips on how to get caught... you maybe need a diversion. Hope your first Christmas was fabulous :)