Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Little Red Wombling Dog Day 4

I was promoted to the canvas crate.

I did not dig my way out.

I was quiet all night.

I have got a new friend Beanz!

She lets me lie near her, but not ON her.

I would like to lie ON her but I know she has said no.

I had a busy morning.

I supervised the plumber.

Then I watched Carlsberg.

She climbed up in the tree.

I loved just watching her.

I didn't run after her.

Then Carlsberg came closer.

And closer.

Then she came right up near me.

Like 1 metre away.

Face to face.

It was too much for me. 

I barked.

She stepped back. I got timed out.

We are all fine.

Then Paws4Thought came to meet me to see if she will let me out at lunch time.

I liked Paws.

She said yes.

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