Saturday, 26 July 2014


Today, we went on a long drive. Then we went for a walk with a little red dog, Willow and Coach.

The little red dog was not very good at having her photo taken. 

Then we went back to Willow's house and I watched guinea pigs for half an hour.

The humans were busy talking and they thought I was in the shade.

Really, I had managed to get behind the shed but then I had managed to not be able to get back out again. No one noticed and I started to panic and that wobbled the shed.

Coach saw the windows of the shed rattling and wondered if a cat had got locked in. Then Coach looked closer and saw me. I was so freaked out I gave a little whine. I couldn't get my dodgy hip past the fence post. I sat down and gave up.

Coach was about to call the fire brigade. It was a boiling hot day and I was getting panicky. So was TJam. She suggested putting Willow's son, the Katate Kid, down the side of the summer house to help me out, but he couldn't fit.

The humans managed to lift the summer house up a bit at one end to slide it over and create a gap just big enough for TJam to squeeze into so she could guide my back end out.

This is the scene of the crime and I had got right down to that bottom fence panel.

Willow couldn't believe her luck that she had actually seen one of my adventures in the flesh. 
TJam was mortified. As usual.

Then we came home. I had actual ice blocks on me in the car. TJam really needs to get air con.
We also had the little red dog with us. 


Drab said...

After all these years I actually got to see the incidental chaos that I've read about and I've actually got my own spy name!!!!!

Beanz said...

You certainly have Willow, you certainly have. I didn't want to disappoint you after you'd bugged me up so much.

Karlie (Coach) said...

Us girls managed to sort the situation without needing the fire brigade, although a fire crew turning up to Willows house would certainly have added to the story lol

Beanz said...

I mean bigged me up. Darn autocorrect!