Monday, 28 July 2014

Little Red Dog Day 3

That little red dog seems to like it here. She seems very relaxed.

We spent a lot of time in the garden. I had a lot of teaching to do. TJam exclaimed that she hadn't realised how great I was. Apart from the barking at planes. And noises. I am teaching little red dog all about that.

I told her that we are not to chase Carlsberg. 
Carlsberg kept her distance but she stayed in the garden today and TJam showed LRD that there is no cat chasing in this house.

Then I told that wombling LRD that we don't walk on the flowerbeds when the humans are looking.

And we don't eat the fish unless they are fried in batter.

Then that wombling creature watched Dog Rescue with me.

... and she fell so sound asleep that she didn't make a peep when TJam put her in the crate for the night.

She's not so bad.

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