Tuesday, 20 September 2005


TJam has just got back from the vets. This morning, I found a little hedgehog, not moving, by the side of the path. TJam went back in the van to collect him. She phoned
St Tiggywinkle's Hedgehog Hospital, and then the nearby Hedgehog rescue. Little Hedgy had to be wrapped in a towel and put on top of a bottle of hot water because they thought it probably had hypothermia. By the time TJam and Hedgy got to the vets, the hedgehog had started to come round a little bit and had walked to the edge of the box to scratch and try and get out. If it survives, we would like it to come and live in our garden to EAT ALL THE SLUGS WHICH ARE DRIVING TJAM MAD. One good turn deserves another, after all!

5.30pm Sad news. Not to put too fine a point on it, the hedgehog has gone to the great hedgehog sanctuary in the sky. In the process of all this, however, TJam has become quite taken with the hedgehog.

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