Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Today I was going to blog all about my recent holidays.

But I fell in the canal.

The funny side of it was my comedy loss of footing, trying to grab onto the concrete bank and slipping back with a plop.

The less funny side was that it was a 2 foot drop and we recently found a dead fox floating there, so you can imagine it is not all that easy to get out.

TJam to the rescue, who hauled my sorry self out by the scruff of my neck.

But now I don't feel so much like blogging. (Plus TJam needed to cook her tea so I couldn't get on the computer unsupervised.) For now I am drying out in my bed. Normal service will be resumed shortly. Like tomorrow or something.


Mack said...

Oh Beanz,
I just know you were scared silly. And your poor mom..

Glad you are okay though!

Drab said...

phew close call there, we found a dead fox on the beach it looked like that had drowned too.

are you getting plenty of sympathy for your near death experience or just cruel jibes?

(we have a new puppy called Missy she's here to stay not a foster so i'm having 6 near death experiences a day-she's a collie x)

Beanz said...

Mack: I think TJam was more scared than me!

Nancy: I am milking it for all it's worth ;). Good luck with the collie pup. We need PHOTOS!