Thursday 11 November 2010

Second Wind

All was quiet for a little while until Chips got her second wind and decided to see how far down into a can of catfood a dog tongue could reach...

but somehow, I got caught in the photo and somehow I had a guilty looking face, when clearly only Chips is capable of jumping up onto the kitchen unit.

Then, TJam found a half empty box of mushrooms, and Chips licking her lips.

And TJam was shaking her head at dogs getting their second, bin raiding wind at the ripe old age of 10 (Chips is 10 you know!)...

when she saw this. A chest print the size of a 22kg collie cross - as individual as a finger print - up against the kitchen unit. Since Chips makes a clean spring onto any height, and I just go up on my back legs, I was clearly busted.

I know when I'm beaten your honour.


Drab said...

Well i think this was an ingenius way to point out to Tjam that she shouldnt leave the shopping out and she should put it away.
Well done you and you earned the mushrooms!

(was the newest addition to this mad house until Mog the kitten arrived)

Marvin said...

I am in total awe of your bin raiding skills and the dishwasher chest printing LOL!! Marvin xxxxx