Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Naughty Puppies

Only naughty Puppies would chew an envelope out of boredom or wanting their owner to come home. TJam does not expect chewing from 10 year old dogs. My bad.


Mack said...

Beanz you totally rock!

Beanz said...

can you tell TJam that?

Anonymous said...

Is TJam 100% sure that it wasn't addressed to you in the first place? b....t....b....t,very similar sounding,though not, i have to admit, very similar looking. The contents would tell you. A chew.. a food voucher.. then it was TJam's mistake, a bill then your nose let you down. Did it smell chewy? were there biscuit crumbs in there? all clues to put you in the clear but whatever the reason never, NEVER own up. DG