Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My Friend Chips - by Beanz

 When TJam went to the dogs home in 2002 she brought home two black dogs.
I was the puppy. Chips was the boss.

She helped me settle in. I didn't even know how to be in a house at first.
But I soon got used to the idea of having a bed!

She was very patient but she kept me in line and 
made me the non-confrontational being I am today.

 You've seen the adventures over the years. 
TJam says she had to start this blog to help her cope with it.
I say it would have been selfish not to have shared our fabulousness.
Our antics have got slightly less outrageous and slightly more age appropriate recently.

Chips and I have done almost everything together. 
TJam tried to practise us apart, but mostly we have been the best of friends.

The last couple of weeks, Chips has been off her food. 
If you've learnt anything at all over the past 12 years, it is that Chips does not go off her food.
So she had to go to the vet.
They tried some stuff, but long story short, that is why I am pensive today.

Yesterday, Chips finished her stint here with me.
No more taking my toys and sitting on me when I am trying to sleep.
No more being my pillow.


Carlsberg and I got to see her and say our goodbyes in our own ways.
I mostly said my goodbyes by laying in the garden, and Carlsberg did a walk past.

Now I have to take on the mantle of knowing when it is 12noon and 5.00pm so 
I can remind TJam to feed me.

Chips has taught me everything dog that I needed to know, 
and some things the humans wish I didn't.

This was our last picture together. 
Goodbye Chips, my boss and my ally. 
It's ok that you blamed the sofa-eating incident on me.
 It's weird without you.

 If I find any poo, I'll eat a lump for you my friend.
It's the least I can do.


Unknown said...

Run free at Rainbow bridge Chips x

Beanz said...

Thank you Karlie!

I'm glad she got to meet you (and I did too!)- she was kind of difficult to put into words :)


Nerospal said...

Seem to recall we had the odd skirmish in the early days we won't go into the ear thing, but I soon learned who was boss and bowed to your superior intelligence. Thanks for taking the front line while me and Beanz hid behind a tree. Not walked together recently old legs and all that but enjoyed all the many walks we"ve shared over the years. Thanks for being my friend Chips it was a blast. Nero xxxx

Drab said...

Goodbye Chips, thank you for entertaining us over the years, for doing all the things we wanted to but daren't, for living life on the edge and for making us look like angels.

Chin up Beanz I was very sad when Sam died, it was very sudden and although we didn't do anything together he was just there and then he wasn't, keep your chin up and remember the good times also that Tjam no longer wears that blue outfit that she has on that looks like an original Charlie's Angels get up, now that's something you should have chewed up!

All our love
Nancy, Missy, Patches, Mog, Gingy, Nibbles, Honey boo boo, Digger and Nemo

Beanz said...

Nero, I know you had a soft spot for Chips, and on her behalf I apologise for your ear. You we're very magnanimous about it, thank you. She always looked out for us and you have been a wonderful friend to her and me. Thank you. X

Drabble gang. We probably did chew it. I'm glad Chips was an inspiration to you. She certainly didn't care what anyone thought! Ever. Thank you for being hers and my penfriends X

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again yesterday Beanz. I won't say it's quieter without Chips as you're the noisy one, but her bed is sadly empty. xx