Wednesday 3 September 2014

My Friend Nero

Today we had to say a final farewell to our friend Nero.

When we were young, shiny coated, all black dogs, we used to run around and play. 
Well I used to play with Nero, and Chips just ignored us.

Nero always put Chips and me to shame with his good behaviour and never running off. 
But every now and again, his cheeky side would pop out.

He was very handsome. 
Truth be told, I had a bit of a thing for Nero, but he wanted to be just good friends.

Us three used to go to the cafe every week. 
Nero was our calming influence when we used to bark all the time.

We walked together come rain...

...or shine.

Nero was our friendly, gentle friend. He didn't even bear a grudge when Chips bit his ear.
We loved walking together and rolling in muck and searching for treats. 
We loved finding new paths and getting lost and finding ourselves again.
We loved setting out, and Nero loved heading back to the car when he thought it was time to go home!
He was the perfect combination of sensible, loyal and fun and he did a mean photobomb.

Farewell lovely Nero.
Thank you for the good times.


Anonymous said...

Bless ya Nero!

I didn't join in, in the rain, but was a fairweather café walk mate.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Nero I'd like to thank you Beanz for your lovely tribute, I know you had a soft spot for him and I think in his own quiet way he thought you were pretty special too, after all you were the only one allowed to lick his face ...EVER. He could always recognise your bark from some considerable distance away and always knew when you were around. We had some good times over the years walking in all weather, remember the time we walked up the lane in the middle of the road in snow so deep cars couldn't get down and poor Chips was shivering....Happy Times. I'm sure were ever they are Chips and Nero she's looking after him and if she could talk she'd be saying 'C'mon Nern you can do it'

Nerospal. xxx