Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Cut to the Quick

- by Beanz

And no, I am not talking about me being offended by people pointing out my grey silvery bits on my chest and chin.

I mean that TJam was clipping my claws and she actually did cut my quick. I made sure there was plenty of blood so she would feel suitably ashamed. It hurt a bit at the time, but I was well enough to eat a chew and let her clip my other claws.
Here I am, milking my audience. Chips tried to get in on the act with her, "I'm so cute, look at me lifting my injured paw" routine.
But surely no one is going to fall for that.


Mack said...

I think your silvery bits are very pretty. I am covered in them.

Drab said...

Firstly - what a lovely exotic name lilliana has,
Secondly - the silvery bits are distinguished, mine are all white and make me look 85yrs old,
Thirdly - i hope the guilt trip you sent Tjam on was a good one, real blood is always a good bonus!

Nancy & Sam
(its just not the same is it!)

Beanz said...

Lilliana! Hello and welcome. Hola. Como estas? I like your silvery bits.

Drab: the guilt trip was mega. i will try it again it was so effective but i will have to find someone else's blood cos i'm not prepared to sacrifice my own again!