Saturday, 30 August 2008

Rabbity Holiday

- by Beanz

Last week we went on our holidays to this fab cottage in the North East. See all those fields around the house? They were FULL of rabbits! It was like heaven. I had to stay on the lead the entire holiday. As soon as we arrived at the house, I dived under the outbuilding.

Yes sireee, I smell rabbits here. Let me at'em!

I went on high alert on day 1, and remained on high alert for 5 whole days. I couldn't go to the toilet for 24 whole hours because I was so busy watching for rabbits.

There were sheep in the fields but I wasn't interested in them at all. Well, I could have been persuaded if they ran really fast, but they didn't really do it for me.

At one point I put my head down a rabbit hole and there was a rabbit in there! I touched it. It ran out. I jumped 10 foot into the air! It was fantastic!

There were rabbits in the walls and the fields were like rabbit carpet.

Even when we went to Hadrian's wall, I had my rabbiting face on:

I did manage to relax for a couple of minutes to have a dip in this lovely refreshing water. My only 30 seconds off the lead for the entire holiday.

And that was my holiday. Next time, I would like to go off the lead and do some proper chasing.


Drab said...

I's so weird this got to chase thing, I live with 10 guinea pigs and they never bother me, but hedgehogs i don't know what comes over me, gotta get em, of course i don't (don't get chance!) mum would go beserk, but the smell, the flea's, oh stop stop!!
Big lad does cats, but not Molly.


Mack said...

Is that like the best vacation or what!!!? (Or do you call them holidays?)

You always get to go to such great places!

Randi said...

Oh my oh my oh my! BUNNIES TO CHASE!!!

what a perfect holiday!

love & licks,


Beanz said...

Nancy - Never thought of chasing hedgehogs. Actually, I don't think I've ever seen a live hedgehog. You lucky things with all those guinea pigs!

Mack, yes the lingo is holidays around here! We are very lucky.

Randi - you would have loved it!