Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dizzy Departs

- by Carlsberg
A hazy time around 1991- 1st Oct 2008
It is with feline sadness that I report Dizzy has made her final visit to the vet, and is now in the great cattery in the sky.
Dizzy arrived at TJam's student accommodatioin around the 1991 mark. Her housemate Mandy, overheard a woman in the ASDA queue saying that she had some kittens going, so she took it upon herself to bring one home.
Living in a student house in Madchester, Dizzy used up many of her 9 lives. She slipped on the window ledge and fell out of 1st floor window, she did 2 rotations in a tumble dryer (TJam says she wishes she had reported them to the police. Alex - shame on you) and she attended her fair share of student parties (I'm not saying laws were broken or anything but she wasn't a stranger to passive smoking).
She was a dab hand at the allnight essay writing sessions.
TJam's housemates got a cat they liked better, but that Dizzy didn't like at all. They wanted to get rid of Dizzy and keep the cat that cuddled them. So Dizzy went to London to live with TJam's mum and dad. She used up lives 4 and 5 travelling in a Rover Metro down the M1 at ahem, 70 mph, and when she met their dog for the first time and ran up the curtains.
Dizzy lived upstairs and inventively used the toilet window to enter and exit her penthouse.
And there she lived out her days, with TJam's dad pretending not to like cats and by keeping everyone on their toes by pretending to be friendly and then going for them and drawing blood when least expected.
These last few days she made it clear it was time to check out, and check out she has.
I'll miss your witty comments on my blog (unless... you couldn't... could you?)
Chase a few birds up there for me!
love from Carlsberg
PS Is it too soon to ask if you had any treats left over that you couldn't manage to eat?


Mack said...

Oh I am so very sorry about Dizzy. It kinda scared me at first glance cause she kinda looks like Carlsberg! (We could tell it wasn't CBerg because of the black nose)!

Rest in peace in kitty heaven pretty Dizzy

meepettemu said...

Go get those birds Dizzy. You deserve it :o)

Drab said...

Oh dear, i bet Tjam's dad misses her most of all!
Run free Dizzy.

Julie x