Tuesday, 21 October 2008

TJam's Bad Hair Day

- by Chips
Oh dear. Perhaps TJam should have put her "cheer you up in the morning lamp" to warp 21 this morning.
I know I didn't make it any better but I just couldn't resist going through the bins at the rugby club. Neither could Beanz. She performed a perfect version of her famous "Stand-until-TJam-turns-a-corner-then-run-for-it" move. It's all in the critical distance. Tjam was only saying the other day that she fancied trying CaniX, so I don't know why she was so furious.
And what other choice did we have when we got back from our walk but to shake? If TJam had only left the clean washing in the machine for a week til it went mouldy like she usually does, this would never have happened:
It's not that TJam is anal or annoyed or anything, but she had to go for a 2nd close up, just in case you were in any doubt:

Once it's on the bed she'll never notice.

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Anonymous said...

there's obviously a niche in the market for mud-splattered patterned material.